Sharing some experience in making money at the garbage dumpGood project investors will flee entrepre

Sharing some experience in making money at the garbage dumpGood project investors will flee entrepre




two, about SP, that’s all. Here’s 51VK or 169 video dating, PPS, UUSEE download, reader download, Mobile Fetion promotion, etc..

writer Jim · Preiss Jim Price had several entrepreneurs, and Zell Ross School of business at the University of Michigan – Lurui Institute as a guest lecturer.

, in order for me to be their advisor, they promised me lots of shares and a board seat. I said I would seriously consider these terms.

, in contrast, the founders who do not have these problems will consider the profits of the enterprise, not their own interests. Their focus is on the introduction of the best and the most

3, they too controlling: they are very difficult to let subordinates take charge as chief of even the most simple decision, also to be personally involved in.

2, about not in the home page on the flow of the union advertising code. That’s true, but I’ve seen a few of the templates offered by the so-called experts, including a student who understands the Dragon a dirty man, a friend of mine. They are garbage station operation are in the home with the flow of the League code, this shows that he is also worried about everything. Guilty conscience, why? Because he can’t control himself. We should not speak ill of others, but this new man does not want us to suffer. The best template for SP is the home page. No matter where you point it, it is a prompt sign up, and then the page is automatically moved to the input phone number. The temptation to close the page either, which is so ace – this can reduce back shells, do not make people dislike. That’s the key to success. As for the back flow, that is off the front page, with the back bombs and earn points program is program, not one or two pages, this is to ensure that the necessary details you can’t lose, to do all kinds of comprehensive profit model, to ensure that every one person involved, at least about 5 profit. Again, he closes your home page, or has already registered, or has no interest in leaving. At this point, a garbage can is a must. so it’s a garbage dump

project is again good, investors sometimes fled. Why,


4, they want to finance, but not to comply with the rules of the game: they want or need investor funds to the development of enterprises, but worried about equity dilution, board seats and votes by new investors to grasp.

1, 779 traffic union recharge once, at least 200 yuan. Even they do not know the 779 flow union a recharge at least 200 yuan do not know, this tutorial is to charge 50 yuan to try the effect. By their mother for a few pennies this cheat.

2, they are not modest: in most cases, they think they already know the answer, and therefore are not good at seeking and accepting advice from outside experts and investors.

1, a truly innovative new business philosophy;

, I’m satisfied with the result. They have the four elements that I value most in my entrepreneurial team:


1, despite the lack of qualifications, but they insisted on personally as number one: early start as president even CEO does not have what problem, but seasoned entrepreneurs know that the company’s development to a certain stage, it should introduce experienced occupation managers.


entrepreneur’s fault will not only scare away outside investors, it will also deter top talent and good advisers. Why? Because the company led by this founder is certainly not doing much. The ability of the founder will limit the success of the business, and their attitudes will scare away talent and capital.

3, the seduction content. See a lot of so-called master are using adult movie to do temptation, this has effect, but cheated many people, the effect is much worse. Now the stock market has fallen badly, and many investors are looking for various comments on the internet…… Use this to do SP much better, first, there is no public security department inspection, procedures on the domestic line; two is that these people are relatively rich people, but also a strong investment concept, it is easy to register. Difficulties in their mobile phone number entered after the registration page can not appear movie words, which requires you have a good resource, called SP business for you people like this special only VIP member registration page.


4, has experienced the hardships of entrepreneurship.

3, have a unique view of the industry;

2, product initial molding;

but after two days, I turned them down. What’s the reason,

one, SP station. In this forum, some people talk about SP profits, there are people charging training. After reading, I find it very funny, and some people believe in their practice. Now point out all their nonsense:

was talking to them, I found that all the faults of the entrepreneur were on the other side of the pair. As follows:

not long ago, a pair of entrepreneurs asked me for advice from the new company. They want me to help develop promotion strategies, refine business models, calculate financing expectations, and recommend financing methods. So I chatted with the pair for an hour, hoping to find out what their business philosophy was.

here to share three garbage station profit model, hoping to help new people.

yesterday, my five day profit 100 station all was forced to close down I’m using the domestic space, today it seems particularly easy, free, can finally live like people – celebrate!:


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