A manager should not be a good employeeBlind development will only shorten the enterprise’s death ti

A manager should not be a good employeeBlind development will only shorten the enterprise’s death ti

there is another point, the blind development of enterprises, not only in operations, there must be a clear idea, but also in the operation of the model has a more clear line of thinking. Maybe we’ve seen some retail independent websites that make money

enterprise as independent website, and the third party platform shop, then start two put all must spend a lot of money, however, if based on the platform to find the operation of an enterprise, there are more chances in planning the future development of enterprises must be. Here, we will certainly think that in today’s e-commerce, the first choice of third party platform based is very good, why? More people may say that the third party platform is quick, and so on. Whether it is the choice of independent website or choose the third party platform based on newly established enterprises, in short, the first major development projects which, again is very important which the development of a project, because the company to find a quick can bring profits to the company based on the platform.

In fact,

perhaps when friends see the title, will think that since it is a business, must have its own enterprise development direction and goals. How blind development?. Not really. In modern times, especially in the era of e-commerce, many people set up a small company, there have been a lot of people one by one down, why? The reason is very simple, the development goals are not clear, the decision scheme is not correct.

For example, a

someone says, "do everything right for the first time, and do it every time.". That’s the truth. As the enterprise develops, every important decision should be done right. If the first time to do things right, each time to do a good job, I think a business will only continue to adapt to market development, more and more large-scale development. Many companies, however, did wrong at the first decision. After the establishment of the enterprise, what is the first thing after the completion of the company? Xiao Bian believes that it should be an enterprise’s development goals and clear development ideas.

, for example, A company just set up, and want to do now everyone in the operation of Taobao shop, and want to independent website to promote their brand, and want to do Alibaba "run" out of their product sales. The goal is good, but in the end we have to face a very real problem – funding. If the three platforms are put together, the investment in manpower, product inventory and so on will undoubtedly increase the risk of enterprise investment. If the cycle of steady development, then put an end to the blind development of ideas.

to the villain of the heart, a gentleman’s belly, eventually found a great gentleman; to a gentleman villain of the heart of the abdomen, finally the injured is always a gentleman, a large amount of people laugh, a small amount of people angry. A good manager should never be a gentleman. Unfortunately, almost all the managers in China now grow up from good employees. What kind of problems will this cause? Empathy is one of the most commonly used method for managers, in fact, transposition is a good method, but managers often think so: in this environment, I at that time is how to do, why can’t you do that? So they will under the staff to put forward many requirements, realistically speaking, they claim is not too much, but they missed the point, then he is a good worker, and your subordinates not everyone is a good employee, if they are good employees, excuse me. You are the managers what is necessary? They can take care of themselves, just like you did then. Different

for the A company, in the modern business trend today, one can start to sprint own brand and sales performance according to the third party platform, when the third party platform with stability, will once again focus extended to the independent brand publicity website, even independent websites and Alibaba can operate. Why? Because the company has the support to keep the company alive.

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