Why can’t love Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Wing coexist

Why can’t love Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Wing coexist

however, the pace of development with Baidu and noble baby scale, I have to love Shanghai why not coexist and the Shanghai Dragon Wing, noble people treasure can not be inclusive of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ER and affect the user experience, but not for the presence of Shanghai dragon Er affect the performance, but the do the cause of globalization, to become a world class search engine, also won the owners and users. Love Shanghai, in the webmaster is almost all full of anger, and to punish them for everybody, is considered to be the typical money company. Why not about love Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon Er coexistence has the following conjecture brother Rong, if that’s not good everyone please Paizhuan!

2, second, love Shanghai bidding system is not perfect, not long ago, Shanghai love marketing venue smashed you can get a glimpse of one or two, noble baby bidding system as long as you can make it properly optimized quality score is not high, not enough to show the opportunity cost is too high, key words, by adjusting the quality score for a period of time to improve at the lowest price and can get the best ranking to get the best return for advertisers to real, so noble baby is confident enough to let Shanghai dragon coexist with SEM, benefit from the station due to long Shanghai Longfeng some optimization methods for SEM is also very easy to use, as long as the output is greater than the input we are very willing to play the baby dance with noble bidding. Love is not like Shanghai, their system is Baidu the maximum profit, your optimization can not effectively reduce costs and expand revenue, once the tolerance of Shanghai Longfeng, more people will not put money into the Shanghai dragon hit the auction, from this fancy DRAGON FENG directly threatens to love Shanghai this may be the natural income, baidu tolerance. >

1, first of all, love Shanghai’s own search ranking algorithm is not complete, for the Shanghai dragon have some fear, because they can not accurately judge the quality of website content, quality of the station optimization and stood outside optimization, unable to give a scientific and reasonable ranking results, baidu home often raped it shows one or two. The nobility baby previously excellent classic pr algorithm, the survival of the fittest can be fair and reasonable on the site.

many webmaster have the experience that once selected a keyword on a new, noble baby 1 days included, as long as you do, the chain continued to update, will soon return, search for a keyword in the noble baby, the first few pages are web page. While the baidu is completely different, people are very choking or awful, often to review the new period to a month, every day, let your content outside the chain, every morning site is not included, even included, wait for weight, it takes a long time to flow, and go to the Baidu search, as long as there is little commercial value of the keyword, home page is full of bidding to display the results, is some forum posts, a Shanghai Longfeng station is difficult to occupy in good position to win a good opportunity.

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