The site outside the chain construction and release specifications

The site outside the chain construction and release specifications


website invasion chain

chain: high weight outside the chain, "to" the high correlation of the chain


2, classification of information station related website chain

manual chain

low quality of the chain: blog, forum posts at the top of the

High quality

software group and "hung black chain" (Web Intrusion) method belongs to the black hat Shanghai dragon, can easily be search engine found cheating, the chain personnel should put an end to the use of the two kinds of methods.

software group chain

, two basic methods

Keywords direct purpose is to let the

here, looking for the classification and the chain, published articles in accordance with the standard station and add anchor text and web site.

3, high weight BBS chain

1, human resources and friendship links

Shanghai dragon corresponds to the target site in search engines have a good rankings. Website optimization ranking, website optimization is the foundation, the construction is the key chain.

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. According to the formal business station optimization requirement, for the construction of the chain and the article published the standard for e-commerce website construction of the chain (Shanghai dragon) reference. (based on the electronic commerce website as an example, other industries are also applicable)

The establishment of

advanced Shanghai dragon chain technique and network marketing.

is the gateway of the forum, government, education and professional forum Forum Forum have higher weight, according to the correlation between the chain selection and release plate related forum theme.

5, the soft and linkbait

in Shanghai Longfeng circle of contacts, link to get a high weight website home page one-way friendship, the link stability and quality is the best.

Contains information network, information network and industry area recruitment, navigation website classification information station

three, the construction of the high quality chain

blog theme in NetEase, Sina, Sohu, love Shanghai and other large blog providers, each blog is a kind of industry (do not establish "miscellaneous Bo"), the chain articles related to the theme, so to enhance the blog weight, so as to bring the target site outside the chain of high quality.

self station group chain

: soft writing high quality value to readers with attractive articles, this paper introduces the target site information, plus the keywords anchor text, and then released to the related news portal and forum. Because the article >

high weight blog chain

, the quality of the chain to distinguish

Note: the The use of

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