The website data Mstching hits in ranking

The website data Mstching hits in ranking

no matter from which point of view, the author found that everything we do in the ranking sites and hard, but this is a right direction? Rankings can really for us to improve the website optimization reference? Although I really do not want to admit the mistake, but really, in the rankings is optimization direction deviates from the fundamental Shanghai dragon, have the order reversed.

now, we have to do is stand in the user’s point of view, not from the top view. Our goal is to optimize website user experience, rather than simply data ranking.

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you might say, there is no ranking where visitors, where the natural flow. Indeed, a good ranking is the key to access the website of the audience, but did not reference data of Shanghai Longfeng Er people. A superstition in the snapshot ranking and update time, will only take us in the wrong direction. According to the ranking of the content updates, the goal is not just a snapshot of the user experience. Will get traffic and even click on such a short period of time, but is not a permanent solution.


is the website ranking search engine for website comprehensive quality affirmation, while ranking data of Shanghai Longfeng Er daily record is just a search engine to answer, but as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er we need is not only the result of the observation, but the click rate, bounce rate of these specific values, they are "long period of stability" guarantee. Don’t superstitious website ranking, bring more specific operation results of a comprehensive not for your website.

user experience is Shanghai dragon Er are concerned, because more and more people know that Shanghai dragon Er website ranking in the site itself can also bring much value to the search engine. The day before, the author Dennis has shown that if you want to get a stable ranking, site audience growth is the most important.

we have to understand the search engine to the site’s ranking is ranked by the comprehensive quality of the more than 200 data, if your website ranking, but the click rate is low, jump out rate is high, so soon you will be the location of the web site to other sites to replace. The reason is very simple, such a high bounce rate website, to search engine response is your website content does not meet the needs of users, the user does not solve the problem, in violation of the rules of search engine experience. The search engine in order to improve the user’s own interests and experience, will be those who can bring high value to a website.

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