The Shanghai dragon Er catalog promotion

The Shanghai dragon Er catalog promotion

search engine is not through the user directory, can be used directly to query keywords, find all the website information corresponding to a keyword (and arranged according to their correlation), such as Shanghai in search of love. The user can click in the search box input the keywords, search, we can get all the information related to the website, here to keywords: Nanjing website construction as an example, the results as shown below.

directory promotion is the significance of weight transfer, once in the catalog will bring to the site in good weight transfer effect; at the same time, login the well-known categories but also greatly enhance the visibility of the site, to bring more quality traffic to the site.

Hello, I am the future. The search engine optimization and site construction, is to promote the promotion of search engine optimization, improve the popularity of the website construction, website brand, attract more traffic as well as the main method to seize more potential customers. To say the website promotion is the most direct, is to bring more high quality traffic to your site. To let the website to get the best results, choose a good promotion methods is the key. We used several methods of promotion, is generally the Forum promotion, chain promotion, blog promotion, promotion of Shanghai love. Today I want to introduce you to a common promotion methods: category promotion.

find a way to get through the directory search results: the website information is edited after approval to recommend to you, the amount of information is small but very fine; and the results obtained by the search engine on the Internet is all words related to the website information, extensive information but the correlation may be poor.



directory is refers to the collection site through the artificial way, and these valuable website resources in accordance with the theme of collation, storage to the corresponding directory, thus forming a classified catalog system website. In general, because the directory is manually compiled, it is also known as artificial classification catalogues.

is currently in the global scope, classification directory search engine optimization value: foreign Dmoz, domestic hao123 265, etc.. Below we come to understand hao1>

if everyone on the network application is not very understanding, often classified directory and search engine can not distinguish, in fact two although there is a certain similarity, but also has the very big difference.

OK?In fact, There are differences between these two kinds of

directory and search engine is the information users find web tools, the difference is to find information in different ways. Directory is the same theme website information stored in the together according to a certain sequence, find the theme directory layer, such as catalog sogou. Directory tree structure has available for flow, and according to the theme layer click down.

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