The risk aversion and Links blog

The risk aversion and Links blog

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Links is mutual promotion between blog sites in a way that is usually composed of blogs and personal web sites only, can be personalized, the portal is usually not Links. If the blog program content did not change it is possible cause is noble baby downgrade home page link, obviously, links to some cheating or spam sites will be noble baby downgrade, in addition, there are several possible link exchange risk, we need to pay special attention to.

The number of



exchange links to pay attention to the weight of the other site, see the numerical Pagerank, if PR value is too low and the exchange links blog or blog search engine punishment, then there is a risk of search engine joint punishment.

The weight of

recently a noble baby Pagerank update, many blog PR reduced, the portal PR has generally increased, the record site PR up to 10, this change indicates whether the noble baby is to reduce the weight of the blog website is still a question, but I noticed a lot of content is very good blog will be right down is really puzzling, I am here to analyze the portal without risk of the presence of blog unique "Links" and avoid method.

is the last point I feel a bit more critical, justice of the nobility baby by punishment sales links to web search results, but unlike the blog portal, the normal operation of most blog needs earnings and income in order to maintain the site, for low flow high weight blog, the sales income will link >

even if the above conditions are met, there is a risk of exchange links, is selling links. Because most blogs are profitable demand, some blogs will add some advertising selling links, adding such advertising tend to be noble baby search engine punishment, even if Pagerank is cleared, and this blog exchange links, there may be a search engine that is the same advertising alliance and joint punishment. These risks are controllable, but the risk is not controllable, because usually the sales link blog is quite common and covert.

Links number should not be too much, the number of control in less than 50, too many links to search engines will not be indexed, but also have a negative impact on the site, if more than 50 links, you should add the nofollow attribute or Javascript form, otherwise easy to search engines that are linked factories for demotion or punishment.

The correlation between

should be added to the same type of blog link, blog content should be relevant, if the content does not have the relevance, the search engine will often be considered cheating.

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