The website of Shanghai dragon is not the purpose of profit model is the key

The website of Shanghai dragon is not the purpose of profit model is the key

through second ways of network Denver is doing Taobao customers, this is the universal Wangzhuan way, but said to make money less, do not make money, the reason for the problem of executive power and the way is for everyone, but is determined through the Shanghai dragon with Taobao customer the way is to make money, but is based on each person’s ability to earn earn less.

learning is a necessary network related technology is necessary, such as the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon website profit is not a cloud. The Shanghai dragon how to create value? If you want to engage in professional services such as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon provide services for small and medium sized enterprises, then can do full-time Shanghai dragon Er, however, provide services for small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon, you should not go to the network company, Shanghai dragon in most network company and you are not making money, at the most is a small white-collar workers. But relatively speaking, his own Shanghai dragon is feasible, but will you have one or two operation cases before, or you take the list is in trouble, it is difficult to open the market. This is a Shanghai Longfeng way to make money, but this way is to have the time consumption, and will make you all day long bustling about, with the increase of the list, a person you are very hard to cope.



by this means the Shanghai dragon website marketing go through the website to achieve profitability is the problem that we should consider. Make money online has been too many people deified, what earn thousands of is full of clouds, really make money or a few master the methods of the elite. Most inexperienced rookie, that how to realize their dream of making money through the network

Shanghai dragon in

is now on the network with too many Shanghai dragon Er, understand the relevant knowledge of the Shanghai Dragon said he of Shanghai dragon master, however, many did not dare to master ourselves in Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon is ultimately around the turn of the search engine, search engine algorithm, it all to change the. The ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is not marketing, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is not only the keywords ranking do go up, but to profit, it is not difficult to imagine why many Shanghai Dragon Master would not appear, making the sound stuffy reason.

website’s purpose is to through the website of the final profit, and if only by the Shanghai Phoenix to keywords ranking well, but not certain profit model, then this website construction has no meaning, but also not much value. Now many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners treat Shanghai dragon as a God, often boast the miraculous, can rely on Shanghai dragon to keywords ranking do go up is feasible, but do not go up? The conversion rate, that even with the flow can not produce value, unless do advertising or advertising the alliance by traffic, but the traditional profit model is tested, if not to access the huge amount of the monthly advertising revenue also is very poor.

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