You don’t know a few outside the chain of skills and problem

You don’t know a few outside the chain of skills and problem

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2, Interactive Encyclopedia links do not transfer the weight of

webmasters in the text of the chain, the effect is often not good. There are several reasons, one is probably your soft Wen too serious, that attraction is not high; the second is some soft Wen basic is false original or copy, the online a grasp of a lot of articles, you only see a paragraph is not interested in reading. We in the BBS has become feeble Wen objective is to the construction of chain, if the content is not good, so most also is only a chain, bad could be quickly removed. And the use of the reading psychology of the readers to the text outside the chain, then the effect may be such as A5 technical articles were reprinted. For example:


a picture of my own to share a website, then I will send a "ten of the world’s most interesting website", collecting some fun website from the Internet at the same time, his own website interspersed with one in every site are introduced, their website put some key words embedded in them. This text, the text is not much, but if you send to a forum, the result is that others might as fun articles reproduced to their own blog or other forums, or to recommend to their friends, the chain effect is to let readers to help you send the chain, truly do ten times


maybe many webmaster know some Wikipedia web site links on your site, but also a lot of people to spend money to do Wikipedia reference the chain. But people know the Interactive Encyclopedia reference the chain is not transmit weight? Even strictly speaking, is not a real chain. Once someone has sent a Interactive Encyclopedia text, there are detailed instructions, but after I carefully study, found the Interactive Encyclopedia reference link without what use.

now about the construction of the chain, search the Internet a lot, mostly from what BBS signature, buy the chain, Links, soft paper submission and so on, although these methods are all the construction of the chain is a common method, but also very effective. But these basic methods have a lot to offer our mining places, there are a lot of us in the process of implementation need to think and find out. So I came here today to talk about the construction of a few chain you may not know or ignore the skills and problems, I believe we can help.

1, the interesting topic to publicity website

in my own Interactive Encyclopedia editor add reference links, as follows:

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