n addition to many places worth the webmaster attention Shanghai Dragon

n addition to many places worth the webmaster attention Shanghai Dragon

whether or not you love website, whether you what purpose began his head, at the end of the day, the site you will be in trouble when, because of the unstable factors do too much, not only a factor in the development of the industry, more Baidu "temper", sometimes really let us not stand, so how to do? The author is to walk to you here, chat. A person’s knowledge is limited, the webmaster industry is a moment and the Internet deal with things, you don’t communicate in the short term can not see what harm, but there is no experience will directly affect your future career direction.

said no. 6.22 began to love Shanghai big update, it does make a lot of stationmaster of a heartbeat. The snapshot is gone, not ranked, even flow is gone, the site is like a waste station, no use, many web friends complained to me, love Shanghai not righteousness, also said some "will not stop the angry words. Coincidentally, the website is in the big shock in the impact, traffic can be said to be straight down, not to mention the trading volume. I’m not depressed, this is not because I have sailed the seven seas hard water, except Wushan not cloud. But because since the choice of the Shanghai dragon is the webmaster or industry, we have to find their own way of life "in the website of more than".

don’t always blindly development money, relax, review the experience before, is a "

said its own example, just graduated that would feel, if can earn 3000-4000 a month is enough, the other does not want to do, so the site, on some projects do not involve, for fear of the loss, even worse, because of his eyes only then thousands of dollars, and customers always so preoccupied, just like each other when I want to order delivery, the fraction removed, but I think that more than 3000 bucks a month, not willing to, then he wants to feel, then do it right, it will make the other person feel very stingy, also affect their product, as a webmaster often represent the product value, if the master is a stingy person, not the atmosphere of others, so that his product is It’s not a stingy, selling things.

coincidentally, often communicates with the industry more successful, we will find that the situation now no, look how narrow, like Taobao want to do now, like I might ordinary webmaster may think of local people to form the group purchase Taobao customers, but many veteran will think something more levels, they may own user groups positioning is more precise, want to put the user in this part of the overall tied up, this is a kind of consciousness difference, and these are often what we need most.

to find sites outside the "point", don’t let Shanghai become the main theme of our

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