How to use the love Shanghai statistics enhance the website user experience

How to use the love Shanghai statistics enhance the website user experience

there are a lot of awesome love Shanghai statistical features convenient for us to improve the quality of your site, today I mainly: thermodynamic diagram, site speed diagnosis and source analysis of three aspects to share, love Shanghai statistics and some other practical function but I think generally, I might not have found the reason, if any you have a new found must tell me oh.

and love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram we see web site open speed is the speed of diagnosis, the foundation is the most important. Imagine a ten to twenty seconds are not open the website, you are willing to continue to wait? Site open speed like a user in front of you key, even if no key inside full of hidden treasure is also equal to zero. A page open speed in addition to spatial factors, will be affected by many factors. These issues require professional programmers to deal with problems, we only need to detect feedback to the program, Shanghai love diagnostic tools in brief mention problems and harm us or with the communication program.

user experience is one of the factors is the most fundamental and core, then try to improve the user experience is essential. Today, Shanghai dragon is easy to share with you, if you love Shanghai statistics to enhance the user experience to improve the conversion rate of actual combat.

The decision effect of

first love Shanghai thermal map, I think this is for the analysis of the station optimization and the help of the data is quite large, the original complex data directly to thermodynamic diagram form, let the webmaster analysis more convenient fast and very easy to use. But it also has disadvantage is that if the number of pages or page flow rarely too little love for Shanghai is not to be statistics, so today we take it home.

finally, we look at the source of Shanghai love analysis, said this may be you will want to source analysis with the user.

first impression is subtle, so the first screen in the website must elaborate. At present, there are many enterprises as shown above the first screen is very beautiful, but a waste of valuable resources. This website made a round of exhibition effect of a total of five pictures, a small icon below five light switch on the acquisition of the entire station 6% of the traffic, if coupled with large flow rate should be a conservative estimate of about 10%. But this round of exhibition are looking for online and can not click, users to click on that was in the best of spirits for a long time is a waste of emotional death figure.

through the analysis of thermodynamic diagram, we can clearly see what local navigation and page layout is the most number of user clicks. If a column is very important to us but not the user to click on, then we must first think about whether we have a problem or description of the content to attract users to improve the quality is not enough. If the change is not welcomed by users, so we can only consider this part of the contents removed. Specific methods of operation are: navigation sort of change, page layout changing, column name changes etc..


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