Fast query page flow with JS Bookmarklet

Fast query page flow with JS Bookmarklet

pages. The channel soon know.

JS Bookmarklet via: distilled


code a21631695w42784104p42743849 to need digital into your GA account corresponding to the correct use, you can be found here:

to the following JS bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar


you in the optimization of some landing page you will encounter such a situation, you want to know the specific flow of a certain period of time, this page, from which channels what keywords, what is PV and BR. You will then open the GA, screened by URL, and then add the channel. Have you thought about these intermediate steps can be achieved with a JS Bookmarklet

also put a21631695w42784104p42743849 into your GA account and then save the number corresponding to the bookmarks bar, click on the page:




use of Bookmarklet can effectively improve the work efficiency, you usually have to do with Bookmarklet, good for everyone to share, don’t forget the message.

page? The flow and source of

you want to know which keywords bring traffic to the

How about

introduced before very good for 13 Shanghai dragon Bookmarklet, this time I give you about a noble and baby Analytics related Bookmarklet.

GA Page Source Lookup


click on your site to a page on the bookmark will be transferred to this GA page:

GA Page Keywords Lookup

very convenient?

you want to know the source of the flow channel of

to the following JS bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar:


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