A5 Yue Huai talk to avoid website ranking good but no traffic skills

A5 Yue Huai talk to avoid website ranking good but no traffic skills

second: good user experience optimization; many factors affecting user experience: 1, to provide useful information to users, website ranking, users in the point, do not get what they want, just open it off, also will not come back, not only the bounce rate increased, and certainly will reduce the flow every day 2, open the website; slow, users in the open your site, space is a problem or is standing in the picture, the slow loading, users dislike this; 3, title and description are not attractive, the website optimization promotion, title title and description of web pages is the main part of website optimization. Optimization, search engine to give the weight of the label is very high, on the other hand, the title and description tags will be displayed in the search list, will be very easy for users to see, to attract visitors attention, traffic will certainly high.


many webmaster do to a period of time after the website optimization, website snapshot found included normal, stable, keyword ranking, but this is not the flow, let the webmaster wonder. Love Shanghai or high index keywords ranking, represents the site must have traffic, this absolute view is wrong. Because there are many factors influencing the traffic sources, such as search keywords to flow directly, enter the domain name access flow, Links to flow, the flow of external links. To avoid such phenomenon is also tricky, now with Wyatt marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) would like to talk about:

third: the station optimization to do; keywords ranking up is not the purpose of the flow in order to increase the conversion rate. Website optimization is very important, such as site structure, layout, and the internal code optimization settings, beautiful appearance, clear is the webmaster of purpose. Only on the internal code optimization to the layout, good keyword density, allowing users to easily search to our website by keywords, so as to bring considerable traffic.

fourth: the source of traffic to awesome; I mentioned website to get traffic from many sources, like Links bring traffic. A single site by some way, high quality and high weight Links, these Links assign weights to our website, which makes the keywords ranking, but can bring traffic but less >

the first choice to be careful; if you choose keywords and long tail keywords search volume small, low heat, so the keywords ranking even novice webmaster is also very easy to do. As the ranking is very good, but do nothing of what people search keywords, naturally not much traffic. So before a clear positioning website, must choose good keywords, heat of words are good, but also to see whether the competition is fierce, keyword search volume, pay per click price is higher overall consideration factors. And don’t ignore the long tail keywords bring traffic, search volume of single long tail word itself may rarely, but a large number of long tail words together, the more traffic.

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