The search engine can determine what type of your website

The search engine can determine what type of your website


first of all, we should determine the user search intention of the word. Of course we are not patted his head, he thinks he can understand. We can use the search engine to determine the user use. How to use? Or take the "trademark query" this is when we search the word, love is related to Shanghai, trademark search network, trademark, trademark search query software system. Through these words, we can know what users want is a website, a software, they want to through this software, to get results. So the obvious intention of user.

to the website of Shanghai Longfeng for nearly a year. But I run a website, ranking it better, what is it? After my analysis, I draw a conclusion that is now the search engine can determine whether your site type is what kind of? And then choose one of the matching search provides users with the word, how to understand this sentence then, I give an example to help you understand it. See figure

and now the industry when the ninety-five percent site query is just a pretext, you use their website, not return the trademark registration information, but to tell you, in thirty minutes, their business staff will contact you at all, no return query data. My website is able to return to some of the data. (of course, the implementation will be more trouble). It is because of this point, I give up the optimization of the year, ranking it up. Through an example, we will be able to guess, now the search engine is able to determine the type of website you. Or, users can search words to find the most suitable for the web site.

search word "trademark search" which is a key index of the industry the highest. Then, the user searches for the word’s intention is very obvious, is to think through some software or website, or APP. Or, to check their own registered trademark can. Or view their trademark query progress.

so, how can we use

is the second, we must meet the needs of users. You can return to his real results he wants, although some trouble, but can be achieved. If your website is not query class, you can comment, or real users come to your website. Then you record his actual behavior. Here I only play a valuable role, we hope that common exchanges, common progress. Send you a word, everybody. Shanghai Longfeng, we should start in the observation, the progress in the analysis, in practice in the sublimation. Please note: 贵族宝贝

is the key to how we use

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