Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report layout

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report layout

1, beautiful design layout

for a web site if we want to make the user experience to the user to enjoy good, so beautiful or have great effect. A beautiful website may succeed probability of potential customers is higher than a poor appearance of the site 3 times, or even more, but not to say that the appearance of the site complex, our website to work in a premise, to facilitate the search engine index and grab, so as little as possible with JS, less flash, use more text content to attract users. The picture is a weapon in the appearance of the site is essential, but we do not forget to give each picture with ALT attribute. In the process of Shanghai dragon in diagnosis we must stand in the user’s perspective to evaluate whether the site is beautiful, high appearance of the website can definitely impact the user’s line of sight, to attract potential users of the transaction, it is important to note that.

2, the user experience layout

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Shanghai Longfeng for diagnosis, we have to do is to introduce you to the front of my "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website positioning analysis" "virtual son rain: analysis of" Shanghai dragon diagnosis report website keywords, but also a preliminary analysis of other work, it is also today I want to introduce the analysis site layout.

has said in the user experience, but how exactly do, few people understand that, in fact, the best way is to analyze from the customer’s perspective. For example, you are potential customers of a website, your website to want most is to buy a set of mahogany furniture, but at home for a long time did not find the mahogany furniture, this is not very good, if we are selling products, it is necessary to focus on the introduction of our products, if the mahogany furniture is our flagship products must stand out. Do the user experience of the layout, is to give users want to things. Here to talk about my views for small user experience:

many people may think that the site layout is a very simple matter, I think on the contrary, because the layout is a big problem, not only from the appearance, from the user experience, but also to analyze from the angle is important to optimize the page, one thing we need to know the layout is conducive to search engine crawl and index on our website, these key layout will provide a great help for our optimization.

A, the site type of user experience. The enterprise site must first introduce myself the strength of the company, and the company’s product features and advantages, if more types of products, must be displayed on the home page, because users come to buy, he needs to know your product, the product must be introduced. The mall website must shorten the user’s purchase procedure, when a lot of users because of the tedious steps of payment and choose to leave. For the forum, the most important is to have a certain cultural forum, popular, hard to do one thing.

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