The relationship between the PR value of the domain name and Google keyword ranking

The relationship between the PR value of the domain name and Google keyword ranking

first: what factors affect the Google keywords ranking

in the Chinese search engine market share and love Shanghai far, but it is undeniable that it is still firmly occupy the second place, if the comparison of the optimization awesome words, get the traffic is also very expensive. This little Google Adsense from earnings performance is still strong and can probably see out, if not many people search relevant keywords, then Google Adsense search advertising is not possible to obtain so much profit. Another little, in the foreign trade market, the importance of Google is more self-evident, which is why so many foreign trade website owners a lot of seeking English site outside the chain website for their own reasons. The above text is to illustrate a web site to get good rankings in Google is also very important, especially for the foreign trade website. Next, say PR, make the website friends should also know, PR is a standard rating website external links based on the website of Google’s own scoring, the lowest was 0, the highest for 10. That is to say, a web site can be Google search to the external links, then PR is high, and low pr. Well, the above said the main domain name so much a website is to draw out the title as the PR value and its corresponding key words in Google’s ranking in the end there is Never mind? If there is, is what kind of relationship? This paper will discuss to.

since the impact of the core elements of the website keywords ranking is the content and the chain, while Google is to give the domain name to rating and then obtains the value of PR according to a web site outside of the chain. That is to say, a web site outside of the chain, the PR value is high; from another perspective, a web site outside of the chain, the key words in Google ranking should be in front of the. Combining these two words, seem to be able to get a conclusion: the PR high site, the key words in Google ranking on the former. But the fact.

second: PR, web site keywords in Google ranking will be high?

? Although Google

in fact, the search engine ranking principle of the website is based on Hyperlink Analysis love Shanghai CEO Robin Li patented, plainly, is according to a web site or page of the external links to determine how the website of the epidemic, and it gives the corresponding ranking. However, this page what say which keywords, whether there is cheating and so on all of these need to search engine spiders machine judgment, so, just rely on the hyperlink analysis technology, is not enough. In addition, with the development of the search engine, a page in the search engine rankings elements also began to increase. Now the mainstream view is content with the chain, some other factors will include details of the title of the website set, page keyword density, static and dynamic links etc.. Basically, Google as a worldwide search engine market dominance, several factors affecting the ranks of the factors mentioned above are the.

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