Tracy net interconnection on spatial high load

Tracy net interconnection on spatial high load

said, I believe that many of the webmaster friends met because of the small load space, and the emergence of a series of things, even many websites were closed, transfer etc.. The loss of a lot of traffic and funds. Stronger load capacity space or VPS data so many owners are looking for more, and to solve the traffic condition of increasing. However, the high load space now came into being. High load space. The biggest feature is the size of the space is much larger than other types of space. 500M, 1000M, 2000M, 5000M, 10000M for your choice. This space as suitable for movie website or video website etc. these resources relatively large station. At the same time high load space compared to some of the VPS also slightly inferior, but also in terms of price, are also safety, stability, high availability. Now the high load space is more and more favored by the webmaster.


now, with access to the site more and more, the conventional space has been unable to meet the demand of webmasters, Internet small fire accident in a head of the community, to see a station in ask again: "the website was closed because of high load to space business how to do? Can I get a refund?" the answer is not only some "classic" answer: Internet complaints! Net Xiaobian want to tell the webmaster friends here, site data high load was closed now often happens, because the space is not so big so it cannot be closed bearing high load is behoove, of course can also refund! The two sides have to communicate, I believe IDC service providers in general or to retreat, at least back to net interconnection.

, net Internet Xiaobian remind the webmaster friends, whether you are a novice or a warrior should know is crucial to space station construction, so in the choice of suppliers, when the space is not sloppy. Webmaster friends, must be in the market space now, choose a suitable site use space to the construction site. Carefully selected, careful selection is an important step in the success of the site. Select the net Internet space, is the most sensible choice. A high speed space launch of the American space LINUX space, space for foreign trade enterprises, high load, high anti space, HTTPS space, free space to choose your complaints. In order to meet the various levels of the needs of the people, each have different types of products such as your choice.


as everyone knows, the virtual host 99% can not afford access to large amount, many customers use our space after a period of time, site traffic gradually increased, we usually recommend customers to upgrade VPS or server, but some customers do not operate the VPS or server, want to continue to use the space, so this is strange the name of the space was born, it’s the ability to load and low VPS can close, even quite. It has high data load capacity space, high load space.

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