We can analysis website correctly reading methods of empty talk

We can analysis website correctly reading methods of empty talk

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analysis is a member of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers skills, when optimization personnel get a need to optimize the website, the first thing to do is to make a systematic analysis on the site, and then find out the defects of the existing web site, and make corresponding analysis report on the website of the competitors. The feasibility of this site optimization scheme is pointed out, and submitted to the relevant leaders, eventually leading to finalized, portfolio launched. From the view of the process of a project started in the website optimization analysis, and finally analysis of the web site.

for normal optimization and achieved good results in the competition is the site optimization personnel investigated, in the process of the analysis of the competition, is actually the process for their site analysis, which are complementary. In the analysis of competitors, generally follow the three elements of the website structure and website content and the construction of the chain, in which the content of the website and the construction of the chain is very important.

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optimization personnel took over a specific website, the first thing to do is to fully understand the site of the industry is the so-called knowledge, to do good work, we must first of its profits, if the site optimization personnel involved in industry knowledge can effectively understand and familiar, it is this website is difficult to optimize the core keywords and long tail keywords. This is the basis of the extracted keywords. After optimization of the preparatory work done, what is the keyword to analyse existing website, showing what state in Shanghai love index, is a hot word or cold words. Through the detailed analysis to optimize the staff have a preliminary understanding of key words.

say finally website analysis? Because you are in the actual master process, should always pay attention to changes in its website changes and competition, optimize work until you make your website ranking more than your competitors, but this time is not to be able to announce your web site analysis has ended, because in the website optimization field, like riding a boat behind, even if you are optimization of the project has been completed, but the site analysis is not able to stop, unless it is to end this website optimization project. From the point of view of Web site analysis for optimization, is basically consistent, so it is enough to reflect the importance of Web site analysis.

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after optimization personnel find the core keywords love Shanghai index between 100 and 200 will seriously, operation analysis covers these keywords competitors, for those who see is cheating competitors we don’t need to study, from the new algorithm to love Shanghai leather situation, this website the possibility of sustainable development very low, but we also can not ignore the negative impact of these waste sites may bring, so we in the site analysis process, should pay attention to the positive publicity website.

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