The two advantage Links and three points for attention

The two advantage Links and three points for attention

1, Links more correlation;

website optimization is the main content of the two parts with the chain, plays a decisive role in the whole chain ranking website optimization, the chain do well in large level can improve website ranking and weight. The form of chain promotion we usually have: Forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, love Shanghai experience and Wikipedia, soft article submissions, site navigation, and Links etc.. Each one has its own merits the way to promote the chain, but the effect is good is submitted to the soft exchange with Links. The following talk about Links.

many webmaster exchange links when PR is regarded as the primary condition, as long as the other PR higher than their own, will not hesitate to change with each other, this is wrong, PR is important, but it is not the most important, we do not check each other when the website quality is restricted to the PR, we should pay special attention to other site updates, a high PR but not included, update speed is slow, it means that this website is not what value. And with this empty PR and no quality change as the website chain for a low PR, updated website.

notes, pay attention to the renewal speed of a website chain;

we know that the correlation of the chain to a great extent in the web site collected and ranking. Usually, we exchange Links will find the same website, it is precisely because of this, Links said in correlation is the highest, this also can improve the credibility and authority of the keywords.

note two, note the number chain site are

Links has two major advantages:

although the effect of some other way to promote the chain is also good, but would one day for an article for a sensitive because the number of words or brush more than a certain amount will be management delete account closure IP. We know that love is the most taboo in Shanghai to optimize the chain either up or change radically, a big drop, are very easy to let the search engine that is cheating, it is very easy to fall right or K stand. Normally you after Links exchange with others as long as you website is not drop right is not K, others will not just put your links removed. Because of this, Links is relatively stable.

;The weights of output

exchange three friends of the chain need to pay attention to:

2, Links more stability;

website chain of value is the average distribution, also means that if the weight of the station that can be assigned to more Links is low, so when changing Links, we need to pay attention to check the number of other website links derived, normally less than 30 but the effect is good. Best not to find more than 50 more than the number of links to web site, because the weight very little from this site to the almost.

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