Summary of the impact of Shanghai dragon from the A5 clinic in Shanghai Longfeng case

Summary of the impact of Shanghai dragon from the A5 clinic in Shanghai Longfeng case

recently wandering in the A5 site, looked at the Shanghai dragon diagnosis of this section of the content. All customer cases are finished, the analysis summarizes the impact of some of the reasons and the website of Shanghai dragon, a total of 12 points to share:


three, website layout

five, URL specification: standard, not repeat URL


2, about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website and other links can put them nofollow off, to do so, the first page of the PR value will not transfer to them.

robots.txt shielding unnecessary files, such as message page, page comments etc.. Low quality if occupies a certain number of pages, sites are therefore likely to drop right! So I suggest to screen out some pages. < >

four, navigation optimization (column navigation, position navigation, navigation tags)

1, the website using the nofollow tag, the site of the "more" tab to add nofollow tags, don’t let the weight dilute the core keyword! A word occurs frequently, and with a URL link, very easy to mislead the search engine

specificationThe page included

title, keywords, description, H tags, ALT tags optimization (including the home page, column page optimization, content pages, page etc.)

2, can not let the home page keywords occupy excessive page and column page related content, the content page and list page title must be around to write their own content, but as long as the home to compete several hot words is enough.

URL standard, simple said uniqueness is URL, a web site or page can only be accessed through a URL, it is not a static page, and dynamic page. Specification: to prevent the search engine database because the same page appears several times, reducing the search engine friendliness.

content analysis

1, the title of the page keyword is not too much to know more keywords, the weight is more dispersed, want to do more, finally all words will not have high weight, not high ranking. But we do not do other words, but to do is to optimize the long tail word, rather than the core word, which is the difference.

3, the website home page, channel page, content page to add H tags, regardless of the content page, please add one H1 font to

six, Robots.txt


, a keyword (keyword strategy)

4, the delimiter used improperly, although the "|" search engines can be identified, but overall than "," or "-" delimiter is a lot worse, the practice shows that the use of commas makes it easier to search engine matching keywords, long tail word more.

The analysis of

content title!

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