Shanghai dragon base to share practical experience href Tags

Shanghai dragon base to share practical experience href Tags

tutorial on the HTML base label made the following description, its href attribute definition and usage: href property page in all relative link reference URL.

in Shanghai Longfeng forum turn, often see a similar problem with WWW site is down right ", I didn’t pay much attention to his web site until this happens after began looking for solutions. Then, 301 redirect is also done, Webmaster Platform redirect set, the domain name are all the absolute path, to the analysis of WWW without is broken, but the love of Shanghai is still crawling without the WWW domain name, the domain of choice to love Shanghai, I really no plan the? Fortunately, in the past to do when the knowledge learned, I suddenly thought of the HTML label, may have a decisive role in the selection of preferred domain love Shanghai.

we just point to open a love Shanghai snapshot, and then right-click to view the source file, you can clearly see the corresponding relationship between the tag and the snapshot, it will naturally show the love of Shanghai website preferred domain selection. So long as we in the code set < base href=" 贵族宝贝" /> love can lead Shanghai spiders to crawl the correct domain name.

reproduced indicate the source, thank you!

in real life, success depends on details of the case have to do so is Shanghai be too numerous to enumerate, dragon and Phoenix, don’t think that your site has enough weight in the fall in love with the sea can be modified, in many cases, some neglect edition, can lead to the sudden fluctuations. Now I love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng increase efforts to rectify the market, the website when doing the adjustment and update it should pay more attention to every detail. In 2013 the Shanghai dragon, will be an extraordinary year, perhaps we should have a lot of things to learn. Hope that through this article, to inspire, can solve some difficult problems of website redirect. In this paper, by the creation of the Ningbo network 贵族宝贝 original, starting A5,




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