How to effectively prevent the acquisition

How to effectively prevent the acquisition

1, IP shield is the first method I use, through data analysis, screening for IP and then shielded, certainly not enough insurance, if the acquisition of guerrilla do not have so much energy to deal with.

6, some stations, especially the station, can not complete the content published on the website, so that people are basically useless acquisition in the past.

4, made his watermark in the picture, the feasibility is good, disadvantage is that most of the web is pure text, the picture is less.

2, transform simple template, generally only the acquisition of specific content acquisition, it is necessary to find the key code from the code inside the content of the beginning and the end, if the site with random template is much easier, but the general webmaster without random template, how to do it. Can I suggest a minor change content at the beginning or end of the code, I think the end part of the code is relatively safe, because the search engine to read code is read from front to back, such a small change will not let the search engine think website.

believe that every good webmaster have had the painful experience of being collected, and prevent the acquisition is not only to protect the content of the website, is the head of the labor protection achievements, keep the enthusiasm of the work station. How to prevent the acquisition, I have also seen other webmaster introduced experience, many methods are not friendly to the search engine, the following simple introduce I personally think that the more practical experience.

5, in the face of some more shameless acquisition station, just rely on prevention and inspiration is of no use, can join the copyright in his article, random inserts symbols and text, though this method is laborious, but the effect is obvious. I used this method successfully repelled a collection station, drawings are as follows (keyword: suck net net is always copying six dimensional paper network):

Please indicate the

forwarding (贵族宝贝 from

3, your site name and URL randomly inserted in the content inside, but this method is also very difficult to be found after the acquisition, the replacement for their own immediately.

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