Who moved my Yiqifa accountBehind Starbucks’s globalisation equipment manufacturers in Swiss small v

Who moved my Yiqifa accountBehind Starbucks’s globalisation equipment manufacturers in Swiss small v

Thermoplan employs only 230 people and exports 98% of its products. It is also a microcosm of many small and medium enterprises in Switzerland that have global perspectives and rely on the craftsmanship to drive their business.

contract, Thermoplan’s coffee maker became the ubiquitous standard for all Starbucks chains from New York to Paris to Beijing.

Thermoplan into the world of coffee machine market can be traced back to a vast expanse of water when the company made of whipped cream machine 30 years ago.

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received a mobile phone call at 14:00 p.m. and told me the initial password for the account.

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automatic machinery is Germany and Switzerland, "the chief executive of Thermoplan, said the company service 17 years electrical engineer Adrian Steiner," this coffee function and these countries match technology. Just like the watchmaking industry, you can find almost all the elements that include education, talent, quality, value, and reliability."

11:39 this morning, received Yiqifa customer service calls, said the problem being followed up.

today about 9:55, I called the Yiqifa 010-58793980, a Miss Zhang answered the phone, asked about the situation, said some time ago when the system, also said to check, then give me a reply.

login user name user information was changed to "Leqian" such as E-mail:[email protected] address: Guangdong province Shenzhen City zip code: 518000 contact: 13255555555 :88081234 mobile phone payment: China Merchants Bank payee bank account: 622588780063276* Bank Name: Guangdong city of Shenzhen province

I’ll change my data immediately.

incident is under discussion…

is surrounded by a wild profusion of vegetation cattle ranch in AG Thermoplan, headquartered in Switzerland near Luzern with a population of 4400 the town of Weggis Weggis. But for the famous automatic cappuccino machine is the company produced by Starbucks global nearly 21000 stores.

Thermoplan has also joined Swatch, such as watchmaking and Mikron, Holding, AG and other precision tool manufacturers ranks, and they compete with the Beijing and Shanghai markets.

second days, the 28 day morning, I called Yiqifa 010-58793980, a lady I did not ask the name on the phone, asked me about the situation followed on account of the data, the results showed that all had been changed, including the receiving bank account and have changed, I am anxious account, including this month’s advertisement fee is more than 800, then the lady said to me to check and reply to me before the end of the day remember my phone. As a result, no calls have been received until today.

, a small workshop with just 20 employees, had begun to rocket in the world by winning an exclusive supply contract with Starbucks. Starbucks decided to replace the espresso machine with espresso machines, which would require coffee blending agents to prepare milk and foam.

With the

, November 27th at noon, as usual I login to my Yiqifa account, check the Commission yesterday, the result is always prompted the wrong password, did not care about, that is a system problem, but in the evening when landing, as well as tips. I responded, but it was wrong.

Starbucks said last month that it plans to add 800 coffee shops in China and the Asia Pacific region in the fiscal year of 2015.

when Starbucks stepped up its offensive in the Chinese market, one of its secret secrets was a family business in a quiet Swiss village.


and Chinese signed Swiss free trade agreement and the taste of milk coffee popular gradually in the Asian giant internal – Chinese material will become the largest market outside the United States, Starbucks gave Steiner a reason for optimism.

I horse note: Starbucks is the world’s most successful coffee chain brand, for Starbucks, have coffee related equipment time best quality is the key for Starbucks to support services is located in a village in the Swiss family business.

By 1999,

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