On the relationship between Shanghai dragon and network marketing

On the relationship between Shanghai dragon and network marketing

Shanghai dragon in domestic popular time only five years, but the network marketing this concept already familiar, 08 Taobao shop to now all kinds of crazy promotional advertising player software is the network marketing, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, the actual Shanghai Longfeng with network marketing isn’t what relationship, but because of the people of Shanghai dragon the purpose of it is to profit, many people think that people gradually changed to Shanghai Dragon View: Shanghai dragon is the golden rice bowl, it learns to learn the network marketing, the Internet will be able to profit.

At present,

I do not deny that the market effect of Shanghai dragon, because I also do, after all the current market in Shanghai Longfeng talent shortage, as a new occupation of Shanghai dragon in the top 10 occupation list, the Shanghai dragon has a great market, said it was not for the golden rice bowl, optimization technology in Shanghai as long as you have the perfect dragon, you must be popular today’s talent market! But as far as the Shanghai dragon is equal to the network marketing ideas, I have a lot to say: network marketing today have marketing, micro-blog marketing, SNS marketing, Taobao shop is the network marketing, I want to ask these a few to Shanghai the Dragon pulls the relations? Taobao may do a website using Shanghai Dragon technology to make it to home but increase the flow, do not store Taobao, Every day Taobao stores have little time to have no time to do this? What would rather spend money to brush the credibility of what platform, search engine marketing is a kind of network marketing, but in the network marketing in a small proportion, Shanghai dragon can red, because it is popular for a few years ago, and other marketing methods rise very early, various industries have already full, for now have the awareness of network marketing is quite market, the instinct of a man is greedy, each industry based on full, humans began to turn to popular in foreign countries in China is very rare in Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization), with this thought, more and more people to follow suit, making Shanghai Longfeng rapidly in China spread, the Shanghai dragon forum also produced quickly, hoping to get the gold, in this trend, however, only a few This year, Shanghai dragon industry will be full, then people will find a new way of network marketing, and Shanghai dragon industry in the time of cold.

is too young!

is in the form of air with the rise of Shanghai, recently with the rise of the dragon, many Shanghai dragon training institutions online training, online training and I will know It is often seen., Shanghai dragon in a training institution in Taizhou and founded the now Shanghai dragon blog site led to the rise of Shanghai dragon! Many enterprises and individual Wangzhuan ideal, because most people learn Shanghai dragon is the purpose of making money, which makes a lot of people to Shanghai dragon and network marketing mix, that is the network marketing of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon learning is to do business on the Internet, some people think is not strange, when I was in contact with Shanghai the Dragon think so but, today, I tell you, Shanghai dragon with network marketing than

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