What are the factors affecting the largest number of new fast

What are the factors affecting the largest number of new fast

traffic source is also need to pay attention to, such as people to your site is a direct input multiple access to open, this needless to say must be of the highest quality user. Suffice it to say that it is your loyal users of the site, because others are.

flow into the size you need to have a standard, such as the words in your industry or your target keyword index is 80, I estimate you import a 40IP is pretty good. If you can import 80 IP to your site that you are powerful, it would be easy to do up the rankings. Of course, if you love Shanghai industry keywords index is 2000, you import a dozens of hundreds of traffic is basically no effect. So these basic data you want to understand, if you don’t know the principle behind, listen to others say what to do, so the probability of failure is very high, do not say who is who who you were. Sometimes perhaps this skill at the time when you go to work behind the test does not have such a thing, but don’t come to a conclusion that others.

website ranking how to obtain the maximum benefits in the shortest possible time, each of which is Shanghai dragon Er strives for things, but this is also the most difficult point. Recently a lot of people in the QQ group asked me if I had some tips about this aspect, some are based on personal experience, a new station in addition to start the chain work a lot of other than there is a chain of the rankings also effective way, that is to do website promotion, to inject some flow. You can use a variety of ways to promote the introduction of traffic to your site, of course of operation or some factors need to be taken.

second, you should see your industry is popular, if your industry is a very popular industry, it’s not that estimate. If this industry you partial unpopular, daily search index below 100, the competition is not fierce. Every day you import 50-60 IP, then the weight of your site will soon be able to ascend, or even what you even outside the chain of things can be free. Of course in the new period of the chain is still very useful. The later effect will be more and more small, the amount of new sites suggest that you still have to go to the chain. The chain of late has to promote the flow, which is no longer the rankings.

First you need to install

on the love of Shanghai, in fact, put on love is to love Shanghai Shanghai statistics on your website with a monitor, your website it clearly every act and every move. You just need to release some good signal to "misleading" it, of course if you have a strong user experience so that you do not have these tricks, you can do it, even no matter what ranking factors. But if a website does not have a strong content, still have the necessary time to use some small skills. With love is love Shanghai Shanghai statistics tell what we are doing good, you should be recorded, then you can be ranked according to these factors, so you must first install love Shanghai statistics.

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