The website chain should not be at home

The website chain should not be at home

website home late target keywords stable column page layout of our keywords is stable ranking, the last step is to put our keyword pages within the website rankings are also done. This chain is important to the layout of the long tail keywords we should be aiming for, we should do an important ranking in the layout of the long tail keywords, the first important keywords to do outside the chain, one of the long tail keywords all do. This is the three step of the chain strategy is right, of course I think, but I very good effect in the actual operation of the process.

chain is associated with each Shanghai dragon indivisible thing, although the chain now influence is much less than before, but still can not ignore the importance of. Take the last love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm implementation, the chain in the search engine keyword ranking still has an important position, if the chain can not play great about ranking ability of words, love Shanghai will not spend so much effort to combat. But the chain approach is to be made according to the stage of the website, also need to be made according to the growth of the site. So how to do the chain, which also has a deep strategy, is not as simple as we do the correlation between the chain, the chain of high quality, the chain extension of such a simple.


only through these three steps to put the chain effect to maximize the weight of the chain, don’t waste. But now the present situation is that we put all.

said the first site early, early our goal is the site keywords ranking do go up in the fastest time, then we should all at home site outside the chain. The first page weight of the site to do it, it will have a chance to page weight, included the inside pages of your site. One of my judgment is that, a new station from no weight to the weight, and then to the keywords ranking, keyword ranking has a threshold, that is before twenty. When entering the top twenty, love Shanghai starting another count to the algorithm, the algorithm is the user experience greatly, this has a relationship with the click. Site keywords once entered into this stage of the chain to the influence of the ranking is very small, so the website target keywords are the top twenty do not need to send the chain website home page.

to the middle when the chain should do, but I think that each site should not only build a home of the entrance. Should build at least two to three to three of the two entrance, entrance should be two or three core keywords layout. This page keywords ranking up, the next should overcome the keywords of the column page keywords is. At this time the goals of the web site keywords just, can not expect too much weight to come home. At this time with the help of external forces is particularly important, the chain is undoubtedly the first choice targets to improve the weights of the column page, because the chain effect when you give technician more is not large, weight loss in transmission, so as to direct the column page.

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