Analysis of the site layout for the influence of the user experience and help

Analysis of the site layout for the influence of the user experience and help

site all know, user experience has been the pursuit of the key, whether it is in the process of optimization, or in product promotion, good user experience can not only win user acceptance, the search engine will also love! We can often do stand in the process found that some pages, although the chain number is not good, but as you can to the front row, this is because the search engines find this page is helpful for users, especially in electronic commerce for the user experience, is very important to improve the conversion rate.

3, optimizing the layout of

1, beautiful design layout

2, the user experience layout

The appearance of the

page layout will often let users are more willing to stay, I choose the site, if the interface looks comfortable, usually stay for a long time, but if the layout is a mess, the color is not good, usually directly off. A beautiful website may succeed probability of potential customers is higher than a poor appearance of the site 3 times, or even more, but not to say that the appearance of the site complex, our website to work in a premise, to facilitate the search engine index and grab, so as little as possible with JS, less flash, use more text content to attract users. When it comes to beautiful, the picture is a factor in indispensable, good images can not only attract the attention of the user, to give people the feeling may take on an altogether new aspect, a repeat. So we remember the appearance of the high site can definitely impact on the user’s line of sight, to attract potential users to clinch a deal, this is must pay attention to the.

for the website, and the user experience good appearance can indeed to some users, but the key is we do the optimization, so the more.

Many factors affect the user experience of

we have emphasized the user experience, but what to do, many people do not know. In fact, the best way is to analyze from the customer’s point of view, if you are a customer, if you want a website to buy a remote-controlled aircraft, but in the front page of the site, you did not find the remote control aircraft, this is not very good, what our website to sell, it must focus on what the user through the search, remote control aircraft came to our site, so our site must have such products. Do the user experience of the layout, is to give users want to things.

, including the opening speed, "the appearance and layout of the site site, today Guangzhou Shanghai dragon people on the user experience of the site layout, many people think that the site layout is very simple thing, but my people do not think so. The site layout should not only analyze from aesthetics, but also consider the Shanghai dragon, is an important page one thing we need to know the layout is conducive to search engine to crawl and index on our website, these key layout will offer great help for our optimization.

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