Detailed site keywords optimization method

Detailed site keywords optimization method

keyword is optimized to reduce the difficulty at the same time, we need to ensure that our site traffic. Not because of reduced keyword optimization difficulty, but to make our site traffic is reduced, with the devil brother do plastic industry. If the two key words: "plastic surgery hospital ranking" and "near Beijing Xuanwu District Hufangqiao plastic surgery hospital, obviously the latter can be counted as the long tail keywords optimization, the difficulty is not high, it is easy to do, but we.

said the site keywords, thought is the devil brother first, related to the development and the future of the website ranking, these may be one of the important factors leading to the final performance of the


in fact, the original article is on July 21st at YY I lecture a summary. To develop the site keywords, as the new owners, the old owners, or a website operator, are to be considered. Because through keyword formulation, we want to express our website, focus and content, not to blindly.

we observe the relevant keywords, we must first ensure that the words we selected or made to have the ability to search, to search this is the premise of the site traffic. For example, I now make a keyword is "devil brother", the word I want no one to search, but often in the A5 forum Zatan plate friends, other people should not know the name. So even if it is made, no search, not for everyone to bring traffic to the site.

said, the feeling here is the devil brother contains many aspects. The study included optimization to reduce the difficulty of selecting keywords, search for efficient conversion of flow, the diversity of user search and other factors.

Keywords Keywords

observation, observation of the devil brother mentioned here is not to let everyone blind to see. Observe, need to pay attention to your peers, competitors or potential consumer groups etc..

our individual owners or operators, determine the keyword of the website is one of the most important work. But how can we determine the key words? It should be determined through observation and research.


1, observe and study the keywords

website development advice devil brother have the following points, to watch




reduced the difficulty of optimization keywords, not only can we Shanghai Longfeng work amount decreased, and can shorten the optimization time, save manpower and material resources. If as individual owners, reduce the difficulty of optimization keywords, can let you have more spare time, or rest time. Shanghai said that the dragon is a programmer from second bitter forced occupation. The devil brother but with deep feeling. As the coexistence of PHP and Shanghai dragon devil, my brother is really hard to force the

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