Depth analysis of love Shanghai DOMAN command

Depth analysis of love Shanghai DOMAN command

Domain believe we are not unfamiliar, now more general way of love Shanghai outside the chain, the individual thinks otherwise.

three, why not correction;

1, love Shanghai Technology Co., failed to solve. I think this theory can not be established, compared with the Site syntax is more precise, if the domain is so accurate matching results would very accurate, the love of Shanghai and why not do it.

personal summary: I think before the sea love domain may want to record.

When we go to the Domain+

2, Domain is an unfinished project. Some say the Shanghai Domain has no effect, or even to look at YAHOO, this theory is actually A5, CHINAZ in the collapse of itself, submission, leave is not no hyperlink URL, YAHOO is finding out, but to love Shanghai’s effect is obvious.

domain name will also find much has nothing to do with their own website, careful observation is not difficult to find, which comprises quantity parts, one part is the chain you send, the second part has nothing to do with you is the site, they all have in common is to your domain name resolution appears in his the domain name or article.

Domain, a case analysis is nonsense;

this problem at a glance can see, don’t love Shanghai do not know? Of course, this is not possible, then why not fix this problem? There are two dialects of.

now called love Shanghai outside the chain, the website weight so this means appear in this results in the higher the better the more the better, so it is not like this? We can see a wwwcomcomcomcom贵族宝贝 domain name, the domain name has not been registered, can love Shanghai Domain, www. in front of the belt. The results will surprise you, is 9 more than ten million, see not more than 9 thousand. Now we can call him for the chain, look at the quality of the chain is not what people ah ah, 4399 kinds of high weight website are on the inside, the quality is beyond doubt. If it is not registered the domain name is do what keywords will go up? The answer is negative, Shanghai love won’t be so stupid, look at the following example.

why I took so long to the domain name as an example, because he was not registered, in short is, such as a com to remove the middle, interested friends can go to try, the more the chain domain, fortunately have the domain name title, love Shanghai into the site of the title. Look at the first page of the search results, can not find the second page not found third pages still can not find, then proves the above conclusion.

two, Domain+ domain;

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