Teach you how to solve the problem of prevention and reduction of power

Teach you how to solve the problem of prevention and reduction of power


. If love is Shanghai’s own problems, not to worry about what the main observation of competitors is not the same, if everyone is the same, so it does what to do, that is not what to worry about, etc., after adjustment will be back to love Shanghai.

1. love Shanghai itself, the search engine is a complex system, I heard a love in Shanghai friends said, fell in love with the sea light to do the search engine server has more than 600 Taiwan, and perennial in growth, especially before the algorithm in change, because of the need to do a lot of complex work, so most the snapshot will large correction!, included the amount of change also rose.

this reason, love Shanghai snapshot backwards and the solutions would be finished, I discuss how to prevent right down, hit the snapshot backwards, first do not worry do not lie, first check the IIS diary, see love Shanghai spiders crawl is normal, then check the friend.


novice just learning Shanghai dragon, a website that others see backwards website weight of others is not high, this is your fault, in fact, there are a lot of reasons to love Shanghai snapshot back but you are not handled properly, may have to love Shanghai right down, I said the following about love sea snapshot backward reasons the

three. In fact, there are third case, if the individual owners, or the new space and domain name back to the station is better. If it is K, the recovery is a need long time, not to do faster station, if it is a slight drop right, then you need to find the reason, is because of the black chain or keyword, because mass or hidden text, you must first know the reason, this kind of solution is rapid and effective.

2. sites often not open or website revision caused, if the site is often not open, please first time to check the IIS diary, mainly to see if there is not 200064 of the phenomenon, if any, best to change a stable space, the space must not buy a small figure cheaper to buy a brand! For example, the A5 station network flat-share is good, I used a really stable.

two. If it is unstable or revision caused, so it is recommended to do a backup space space, when the main problem occurs when the website changed to backup space, for the loss to a minimum, not because of the space stability problem of the right to be reduced. And if it is revised a large area, the URL address changes, unified do 301 to guide the reasonable weight. If there is no change in URL, is not large unless cannot but change.


3. optimization excessive and extensive use of cheating to cheat, such as the short time to purchase a large number of black chain and the chain, the chain increased speed increases, the speed is too fast, the chain of large area mass bottom quality. Or use the bridge to get into the flow, or hidden text in the page >. I said the following method to solve the reliable.

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