Shanghai Longfeng add some tips to make your article rankings better

Shanghai Longfeng add some tips to make your article rankings better

increase the density of keywords is the emphasis on a proper value. The degree of certainty you don’t need to master the observation period, the emergence of a keyword without too much significance, there may be self defeating. Emphasize key words and appropriate density, no other meaning, just want to remind Shanghai, the word needs to pay attention to. The general emphasis on two or three times on it. We must face up to the Shanghai dragon skills, such as the two key words in a crowded, but we are bold emphasized, this will not be the search engine to do keyword, or we see in order to increase the density of targeted word is bold stressed that this is wrong.

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in addition, Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, the article not too short, page similarity, if the two most of the text of the same page, the search engine is very likely will two pages as the same page, if appear on the website has a large amount of this situation, that your site may be greatly reduced in the the search engine status. But no matter how the articles to "rationalize" the influence of user reading is not reasonable.

website article targeted text should also be reflected in the title, such as I in the title of the article "Shanghai dragon skills" keywords, the search engine will be very clear to me the content is about which of the. Under the same conditions, generally than the keywords in the keyword in the title is more important. By the way, under the same conditions, the article began to appear at the end of the article and keywords in the very depths than among the words more easily search engine attention.

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to write a few tips used in Shanghai Longfeng, we often see some very optimized website or blog, why can their articles have very good ranking advantage? Some application skills in writing Shanghai dragon can be ranked very big advantage. The idea can be roughly from two aspects.

, a web site should contain specific words, proper, and an appropriate increase in density (note that it is "appropriate", not the keyword stuffing).

two of the website, the role of the carrier of internal links.

should have targeted the text and soft writing skills have in common. Do not contain specific words? You say, in the "I think", I will write "Chen Yurong thought", which will undoubtedly increase with this web site "Keywords"; in the article that some terms must have, do not use a few people with the way of expression, such as people often say "search engine optimization" and less said "Shanghai dragon optimization", so in this article we will try to avoid this word. This is obviously, people don’t press your expression way to search.

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