See Robin Li for medical Shanghai Dragon View from NPC and CPPCC

See Robin Li for medical Shanghai Dragon View from NPC and CPPCC

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search engine is of considerable importance for navigation, navigation is the site of the eyes, eyes can see a person’s mental outlook, many hospital website in order to pursue the tall effect, called the site construction site, all with flash, in order to highlight the atmosphere, you do so regardless of the feeling of the search engine. The hospital home on the left side of many product categories, also the use of flash, suggest to make slide picture display, respectively, to product specific page chain.

above is personal to Robin Li NPC and CPPCC proposal about medical Shanghai dragon how to do, users in site, the biggest demand is to find the registration channels, to help users solve the demand, search engines can support you as in the past, I hope this article can arouse the attention of friends engaged in medical Shanghai dragon.



medical Shanghai dragon is clear, the user enters the site the biggest demand is what? Of course is to find the first time visiting channel, the fastest to complete the online booking. Robin Li said the proposal, part of the hospital’s official website "appointment unified platform", seriously affect the user experience, social awareness is very low, so that the user can choose puzzled. Shanghai Longfeng medical should do to address the needs of users, for the present, in addition to some large hospital site appointment, there is a lack of a small site, Shanghai dragon can stand in the user’s point of view, to solve real demand for users to add site reserved register section, can be placed in the home to the right position the first time to enter the website, users can see, to help users solve the "difficult" demand, do not put an appointment on the inside pages or the user can not find the place, the user experience is not good, the greater the chance to jump out of the.

user needs


frequent popups

provided by the 99 Hospital Library: 贵族宝贝yyk.99贵族宝贝.cn/ please indicate the source.


users to enter the site, see frequent popups, consulting the full screen button, change is what do you think? Wish to close the page immediately, gone for ever. I have seen the hospital website, left two consultation window, the middle of a consultation window, the top and bottom of a window, I want to ask you to do is ask users? Consider their feelings for

everybody for this year NPC and CPPCC have been concerned, love Shanghai CEO Robin Li NPC and CPPCC in second point proposal mentioned: "to encourage the Internet and traditional medical hug". The need to solve the difficult problem to the user, can be seen from the proposal, Robin Li encouraged hospital website launched the online registration, let the patient in time to find the most suitable doctor. Then the medical Shanghai dragon industry what need to improve the

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