How to effectively increase the site outside the chain

How to effectively increase the site outside the chain

import link in Shanghai dragon is the reverse link, also called external links, its importance is self-evident, many webmaster friends at the beginning of the site links often do not know how to start, and the new station is not what weight exchange chain is rebuffed everywhere, so for the new station, how to increase the chain is urgent, below and share through several ways which can effectively increase the site’s external links.

2, the soft Wen contribute, to spend some time, first of all, you must have the goods, then to find a good platform; it is necessary to have the goods, you can have unique insights in what aspects, so as to be able to have the right to speak in this field, so webmaster friends, we must pay attention to training in some fields myself. Good platform, it is necessary to find, actually looking for is very simple, if you have something to say in this field, in search of love Shanghai in what is the row in front of the more famous website, these are your soft published good platform.

group set up a blog, whether the third party blog platform or independent blog, is a very good choice, of course, also have advantages and disadvantages, some third party blog included a little faster, some included a little slower, some did not included, which are related to the third party blog provider, we cannot. We have to do is to find those who can be quickly collected third party blog provider, Sina and NetEase is still a good choice; and for the independent blog, started the construction of the time to spend a lot of time, but with the increasing popularity, your independent blog will be a good platform.

4, the forum signature, this is a trivial matter, the webmaster friends patience is definitely a challenge, we must look for the sorting of a large number of different types of forum, and is now registered, many forum registration is limited, even if you have registered, the post and the post content will be there are limits, so we webmaster must Jingxiaxinlai, prepared to fight a protracted war. As for the BBS signature, many webmaster began may ignore this simple and effective method, the so-called forum signature, personal understanding is you in the forum username and did not post the following signature (now generally considered to be the latter), so it is a piece to do, although there are limitations to this forum provider.


5, a message, this one should be placed in 3 or 4, but the reason why the show, because it is the first large There is much fineness in do, >

1, open to the directory to submit your site, at this stage it is very easy, and the effect is good, many open directory for the new station is also very happy to included, so as long as you register your account on these sites, and then submit your website can recommend here, two the open directory, in the domestic authoritative are: chinadmoz and all-list. Although this kind of website is not much but also for our new help.

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