Love the new Shanghai alliance policy ban account up the road

Love the new Shanghai alliance policy ban account up the road


choose cooperation type

in the last year to do a YY station, IP every day at around ten thousand, due to come across several popular YY specific words, you know, here is not what words burst, it is normal, but the traffic burst a few days later, love Shanghai advertising is all charity before, without any exception, only the peak traffic lasted about a week. Was closed after thirty days, the time to nearly sixty days of data traffic statistics of two shots, including (but not love Shanghai statistics). Including the flow of instructions ready to do it. For two more weeks, is still frozen, no appeal may, but in the last month to see an article, said Shanghai is love Alliance launched a new policy releasing, in three months after the freeze can re submit the complaint. The following figure

with the alliance account and the account was closed, if a long time, it can also fill in a rough time.

release request

to choose the complaint, although not cheating, but may be in violation of the norms of cooperation alliance, this is my choice and fill out the detailed description of the complaint. The final result is as below:

if you love Shanghai alliance have been frozen, in this way can the success of the union account resurrection Oh, income will be greatly improved, but still have to pay attention to if you encounter unexpected traffic, remember ahead of the record or may avoid a background in the league. This article source: 贵族宝贝liurang贵族宝贝/3312.html


is in love Shanghai alliance K account, have done harm, only Shanghai dragon black hat, but never to the alliance did click, like the original Muzi click alliance is mainly to noble baby operation. Shanghai union sex make a dead one, received very little money, said so much, we cut to the chase.

do it for nearly ten years, just an ordinary webmaster unknown to the public, from the earliest according to the present training, had done alliance Wangzhuan, do CPA, do more Taobao customers.

for the love of Shanghai alliance, may be the most noble alliance in addition to baby stable alliance, but if your alliance account has been closed, the probability is very low, at least in the past ten years, I was a K seven or eight account, without a successful appeal, of course, this is only the case.

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