How to use nofollow to highlight the weight of the page

How to use nofollow to highlight the weight of the page

remember that "content is king, the chain for emperor"? In the search engine to old age is the most basic elements of the site, outside chain to the color of the site. The article shows the PR value of the weight from the recognized degree, so that the quality is not important, important is your article have seen, there is no one. But it is contrary to the core value of the search engine, also is the site of the relevance and usefulness of the article. Digital is extremely easy to cheat, so a lot of sites previously by buying the chain, black chain linked to get high weight, for Internet users is web spam or advertising page, greatly hurt the user experience, so the search engine against cheating in the chain, a step by step to weaken the weight of transmission chain.

is our website weight Shanghai dragon Er are the eternal topic, but the weight is how come? What can be controlled? And how to make the weight transfer to the page we are going to talk about today’s topic.

In response to the

jumped to Shanghai dragon Er great development space and unprecedented challenges. The search engine to filter out high-quality pages from millions of web pages not only depends on the quality, but also to see the people on the recommendation of the web page (though is not the main influential factors, in addition to the chain link) and also in the chain. In the chain can not be operated today, web content is still unable to accurately assess by search engines, so the influence of weight website can manipulate what? Yes, in the chain is

the first not death. Secondly, all the links and only a URL. Furthermore, from any page to access any other page not more than 3 clicks. Finally, using nofollow to selectively direct the search engine.

finally leads to nofollow this statue of the great god. Why? It is so familiar with it? Yes, it is a few years ago we had contact with the PR value on the link to prevent outflow of property. It can also be used for the site within the chain? The answer is yes.

! The number of web pages on the Internet


think carefully, in the chain has been the early Shanghai dragon Er to be a link but didn’t care. Content is king of the times, we know that the website must be flat, the directory is not deep, try to make all your pages are connected by links to form a network. But how many websites can do that? Said the first dynamic web page, a page in a variety of different URL, which allows the search engine to come in after which URL crawled? Climb in after the climb out? Or climb in weight can stay in the page? This is the chain to consider the problem. The network structure is difficult to achieve, the simplest way is to do a site map of all the links are written in. But even if this is good inside chain the

?The chain structure of

search engine on nofollow is not tracking the link, that is to say will not follow this link to crawl, >

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