How to solve the new station on the line included valuable skills

How to solve the new station on the line included valuable skills

In this paper,

currently occupy the market share China love Shanghai search engine 80%, love Shanghai has a huge Internet users search information database and the huge market coverage, especially new sites online, often the most difficult to be love Shanghai search engine included, can use their own products to love Shanghai decorate the chain entrance, how many spiders climb over take the route for the new station.

search on how to edit Wikipedia by noble baby browser, edit the Encyclopedia of technical articles collected

The The

love Shanghai search engine as an example to perform

the first step: the new station according to railway station site name to edit Wikipedia entries, and in accordance with the future development trend of the website (Web service concept, scope, advantages, web site…… Specific) can be defined according to the new syllabus editor.


registration account (love Shanghai can register a dozen love Shanghai, love Shanghai Baike account) by the chain guide to Shanghai, through its own product series spider transferred to the railway station. (because I love Shanghai for their products is very important, love Shanghai will use the 3/1 spider in their own products, other spiders distributed, mass information crawling)

just for the new online or on-line has been more than one or two months of new sites, the search engine has not included, often plagued by many new sites or site maintenance, a new station on the line how to solve the problems included meal time to become the new Adsense website maintenance and hot topic of concern, this article through the chain source decoy layout the collection, construction and quality monitoring to bait a new station on the line has not included those supporting ideas.

chain bait – chain bait layout source collection

bait bait construction quality chain

the fourth step: to begin the test and practice of editing Wikipedia entries

above, through the love of their products in Shanghai – Wikipedia, new sites can be Wikipedia entries according to their own advantages and the construction of the main products, the steps are as follows.

first step: the new station is made, check all source and structure of the site, really no problem, love Shanghai, noble, soso, Yahoo, baby Bing, Sogou and other major search engine submission entrance.

the second step: the new main products / services.

The third step:

for new sites, first in determining the site optimization and the main index of the search engine, is to love Shanghai or noble baby or Yahoo, and Sogou sosobing, the current Chinese mainstream search engines love Shanghai and Google, according to the current professional Shanghai dragon Er experts to statistics, most of the main line railway station, Shanghai search engine optimization and sex. Index. According to the new type to do search engine optimization and the chain guide spiders crawl over website updates.

The second step:

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