The search engine will be classified search you

The search engine will be classified search you

started from the second half of 2013, the Shanghai dragon practitioners "user experience" has been hitherto unknown attention. In fact, the search engine is the same. Which search engine can meet the demand of Internet users search, which the user experience better, which search engines use more cool, Internet users would like to use the search engine. Why is a type of search is the pursuit of the right, obviously, if a search engine you only need to input the corresponding search results and then click on the search button to get what you need. Another search engine you need to select a category. Do you prefer to use what search engines? This user experience gap is still great. Although a key difficulty of the search more difficult, but you do not meet the "difficult" and, don’t let the user to "accommodate" you can’t. You can not provide better service demand for the user, the user will naturally to you away. Although the search results also have some defects, the technology is not mature. But we can see their progress. A type of search engine search is the pursuit of the right, is the need to adhere to. But I will discuss below, the search engine will engage in classification search? This could exist only in the domestic below possible? Love Shanghai as an example.


today I love Shanghai search keywords "Suzhou website need to how much money", which presents the search results are not satisfying (below). So I thought why not engage in a search engine classification search? So it can greatly improve the accuracy of the search results it? But I think maybe later this is a violation of the search engine’s original intention, search engines want to show the people can enjoy to search. The other thing to do to me, you only need to "love Shanghai", "noble baby" can. If it is to engage in classification, it is not a thing ".

A key type

we to imagine such a scenario: now we buy some clothes to buy Taobao, appliances and other electronic products can go to Jingdong… If there are some "class", "class" these are like Taobao, Jingdong to be known. For example, you want to do, want to find the company website. There is a "class" platform, to which you find one, which is the site, you want to find a hospital, a hospital "class" and "platform.

search engine rival is just another search engine? The answer is obviously not. For example, domestic love Shanghai rival is only 360 and Sogou search? In my opinion, Taobao, Jingdong and other shopping platform is the love of Shanghai’s competitors. Here you can come out of what I will say has a search engine search may engage in classification.

search is the pursuit of the proper selection of

search engine will be classified search


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