Talk about the construction of the chain in the reflection from the optimization of the ZAC blog

Talk about the construction of the chain in the reflection from the optimization of the ZAC blog

today, according to the rule went to ZAC’s blog around it has become one of my habits, although no new updates, but the construction of the chain of this one I think it is necessary to seriously study ZAC. Because in each of his blog, almost all can see several for the chain is very strong, this for users in reading any of his article, will not be difficult. Those who have knowledge of the local node, he has another explanation within the chain, allows you to easily on the knowledge points, or events, with intuitive understanding.

this picture is ZAC to the beginning part of a blog today recently updated, in less than 200 words inside the content of naturally finished five in the chain construction work, which I had to admire, at least I can not reach this level, to insert one or two it is my limit. Throughout his entire blog, although each article is accompanied by such as the construction of the chain, but basically keep the number at about 4-6, of course, there are some exceptions.


For example, an article named "


Keep the spider

keep the spider, let it get lost in your network within the chain structure, only a >

carefully looked up, finally in my blog to find the last one the chain the "Pro experience of independent IP and IP shared the difference" in this article, after he has never done within the chain construction work, just like the general task finished the calculation. So today I want to write this article, mainly is to remind myself not to be lazy, actually like to add a little chain construction is not what is complex and difficult, the key lies in some time ago own people become lazy.

we have to chain construction is so complicated, it has many kinds, but I think the main for the new web site has the following several aspects:

his noble baby Penguin 2 update punish what kind of website" articles, such as the following picture shows:


in his article, appeared a total of nine links, frame’s size is far beyond the reach of.


I have been teaching others how to build within the chain, should be how to do, but today I review my own was prompted by a sudden impulse to write the article, but suddenly found do not know when to start, I have already forgotten in the construction of the chain.



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