Shanghai dragon ER self ascend from denial of almost start

Shanghai dragon ER self ascend from denial of almost start


long tail keywords and tag optimization method has already been search engine advertising their skillful use of

currently Shanghai Longfeng basic technology has been basically popularized, those who engaged in the network marketing business, almost did not know the importance of the Shanghai dragon, "Shanghai dragon bridge for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers", competition is very fierce cruel.

In this case

"Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play", in short, we need to spend effort than others, work hard to study, to learn more than others of investment intentions — although the website of Shanghai dragon is so something, you only understand the entire industry, after understanding the whole enterprise, it.

Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, the Internet is a whine

, "Shanghai dragon do have a future," is a lie in front of all Shanghai dragon ER, must be timely solve a big problem and applied to Shanghai Dragon – this is all black hat Shanghai dragon rampant background.

With the popularity of

and Shanghai Dragon technology, such as "long tail keywords, title tag syntax etc. Shanghai Longfeng method has also been search engine advertising by reference and skilled use — such as" XX products which brand is good "," Beijing XX operation how many money "everyone familiar is evidenced by the frequent detailed examples in search engine advertising.

Ma Yun said: "we want to make people remember the next genius to do today, today is still not repeat others what happened yesterday, that is why he is successful, this is worth pondering carefully Shanghai dragon ER.


at the same time, trusted content system construction of Shanghai to love himself as the leading, "search" and "not found that with the gradual implementation of the strategy, have a greater negative impact on the original homogenization of competition will be very fierce dragon industry in Shanghai. For many small and medium-sized sites based on Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon operational space further down, Shanghai Longfeng shows the "grim" situation, and the situation is becoming more and more serious.

of course, today to do what others do next genius, the first premise is must do what others are doing today. For example, people today in "around the keywords", the hair of the chain, pseudo original, "the whole content is meaningless with keywords". So my level of Shanghai Longfeng not merely stay in Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon realm at the same level "around the" Keywords "chain, chain, pseudo original, anchor text" of the public, must do better, higher conception. Another pseudo original, I will try to be original; others original, high quality original: I’ll try to do more than others, but to really start from the needs of users, the pursuit of high quality of Shanghai Longfeng work each link.

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