Several reasons Website Optimization Website Ranking unstable

Several reasons Website Optimization Website Ranking unstable

may be a lot of people know this, but I don’t know what the structure is the best structure of the site, let me give you a little advice. Particular attention must be paid to the novice webmaster.

(2), the solution: every day to develop a reasonable plan to promote the chain, such as how much of the chain every day (Ps: day I suggest that 7-10 is the best), to ensure the quality of the chain which is the primary task, try not to spam links, can make Hoplinks OK, here a the method, first, you can publish content in B2B and other large web site, and then go to the Hoplinks Gao Quanzhong forum to do so in this B2B, this link should be good, but also reached a certain included. Another is a soft link.

do not know whether the webmaster also has this problem, we always want to have a stable website ranking, also need to increase stability, then we should be how to do, or to develop a long-term plan? Here to share my little test experience and you didn’t pay attention to the problem.

> The pseudo original content of

(1), first ensure that the website not to optimize excessive

two, the site over

I believe things will do every webmaster every morning is a keyword query tool or through the open love Shanghai search engine to check their website ranking, such as a keyword ranking. I every day the first thing is to open the browser, enter the 6788 keywords, I check the site’s ranking, sometimes second, sometimes third, anyway, ups and downs, make people puzzled. I also believe that the webmaster sometimes hard to do for a long time, suddenly is ranked 100 outside.

three, website structure is not good

many webmaster always send the chain, continuous optimization, but never considered, love Shanghai now after Scindapsus algorithm and algorithm optimization of pomegranate, over this matter very seriously, this is extremely affect website ranking, especially when you send a lot of the chain, the second day all the words are in the 100 outside, after the site weight to 0, you know how to write two words of regret.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Shanghai June 20th issued the original spark program on the line, I believe that they all have, so for our webmaster, we should consider giving up the Internet to find resources to modify into their own website to the content, especially now taboos such practices. Love Shanghai spiders with animal foraging, love. So we always emphasize the original, absolutely original, so it has more ranking, if you don’t see love Shanghai has the spark plan, can go to Shanghai to see the love Webmaster Platform (Ps: love Shanghai Spark Program on-line: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/spark).

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