A5 marketing one not careful you cheat you know

A5 marketing one not careful you cheat you know

? TAG tag did not bring any traffic for the site because this style of search engine judge cheating

before we have seen some of the owners, in order to send abroad at some sites in the chain, the chain will deliberately adjust color, white, so the administrator can not see, do not delete posts! In fact, this chain is really effective? The result is not only ineffective, but if there are a large number of the chain this type of lead to site is down right.

search engine for the TAG tag good weight, because of its value, if the label itself has lost value, then this label, why get weight? In simple terms, is a kind of cheating.

in addition to these, there are owners in the use of a large number of pages: for example:

: a hidden or white page information


in the last month, one of my clients here, is a type of wealth website, each article increased 1-5 TAG tags. While the number of site updates is about 800 a day, so every day there will be thousands of TAG tags, one month down how many? Think about will feel horrible.

贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/span> we want to say is: sometimes in order to achieve Shanghai dragon and beautiful interface, has to use some hidden text approach, but should pay attention to if you think the current label can wantonly use words wrong: not so long in the normal direction of key words for the purpose of the stack, or URL links, will be found cheating! Webmaster, whether you like this error?


in fact, the sale of Links site is usually: one-way links are very block, a person you love to two-way, Shanghai recognize it? Not what difference and self deception. Secondly, even if all the two-way link again? He buy links, absolutely there are a lot of garbage station, this is the normal exchange Links station does not appear the problem. >

for each article

two: do TAG label

A5 in the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng site, often find some websites are "cheating" behavior, and the fact that the station will be very surprised: "this is cheating, search engines have so high?" everyone knows: the development of the Internet for so many years, everyone thought, have been tried thousands of times, unless you really have the ability to create a myth! In order to prevent more people from thought to be doing these "trick" detours, today we have a summary summary.

some people say: love Shanghai to determine whether a site to buy Links, it is good to see is not one-way, so some people gave a two-way link. The abacus played well, so

How the

three: buy a link we do two-way link

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