Talk about women how to do site editing content full of sound and colour

Talk about women how to do site editing content full of sound and colour

: as a female site editor, I think if you want to make your content so I think you full of sound and colour, we must first into this group of women, which is why women sites are women the reason why editing. Only after we got involved in this group we can understand women women are concerned about a topic of concern. For example, female friends attention to beauty beauty, cosmetic breast, entertainment celebrity gossip and so on. Is the so-called "to complete its matter, must first sharpen his" female friends, if you can not accurately into this group, then you will lose focus on the localization of content, not content to be full of sound and colour even to add content, what you do not know.

two: to encourage users to create content for you. Just like the A5 station network, why Everfount articles continue to launch? Because of its good to encourage users to share their experience and experience. Of course, the so-called let users create content for you is not confined to the user for our content evaluation framework, but to jump off the user passive acceptance of information, to guide the user to take the initiative to publish his new experience, such as building a beauty clothing collocation topic topic, experience and so on, a successful female site editor is not to say that users can provide fresh information on how much, but know how to guide the user to enter this topic through a topic. Of course, we can also attract visitors to create content through some small items. For example, we know that female friends love some small accessories, we can then give some regular contributions, although the price is not high but memorable small jewelry.

three: focus on hot, often visiting Hong Kong and Taiwan or Japan and South Korea women site. As the editor we cannot let our site 100% are original content, because the content you miss the visitor’s needs, so we need to carry out appropriate reproduced share. For most domestic women take the acquisition of other site site form I think is not the best. We can borrow from abroad are reproduced some information to enrich the content of the site. Because the information is most pictures, we can throw off the language barrier. A small part of the language we can borrow from the translation tools for translation. This allows our site more full of sound and colour and all. "

The development trend of female

as the saying goes: "one of the three women play", that is the female friends love and good chat, can find some interesting topics from life, but can not deny female friends than men are better at shopping. We can see the emergence of women as the theme of the site constantly in recent years, many large web portals have also opened a female channel.

site we are obvious to people, it has a vast development space. Many owners have been involved in women’s site. The key operation of women lies in the content construction site, so the site’s editor as a woman, how do we make our content full of sound and colour? The author will share some views.

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