Ten let you better use web analytics tools below

Ten let you better use web analytics tools below

website at the same time using the cnzz, 51.la, GA and other traffic statistics, Shanghai love statistical software, no matter for what purpose, I think this is not what good. If the analysis of love CNZZ report, love 51.la keyword analysis. At the same time, the use of 2 is possible, but only in order to detect the real traffic, then there is no need to. The final statistics for each statistic the data are not the same, that is to say no to the 100% statistical tool flow, then using a perfectly. The more the use of statistical software, then cause the page loading speed slow more.

when we understand this principle, for a sudden increase in log (spider crawling or being collected, but no statistical code) log traffic situation can have a certain ability to judge.

many do stand group of friends may have bugs, black knight, like software together, carry out their duties. The website analysis tools is the same.

server log is the principle when users access the web through the browser on the server request, the server will request log entries. Note that when the spiders to crawl the page will also make a request to the server, so the spider can exist in the log records access. But it is very tragic to log the user cache. When the user opens the page second, perhaps it would not issue a request to the server, but directly from the local cache. So, statistical code can count to log and not to.

almost every Shanghai dragon are aware of the concept of UEO, yes, is the user experience optimization. But a lot of Shanghai, but do not know how to do it can be used as a standard page user experience. IPPVUV bounce rate, an important indicator of the familiar noun is as UEO analysis. These indicators in general from the third party statistical tools, so you don’t have Web Log Explorer log viewer to view the log, then artificial analysis. Although the third party statistics tools are now more and more fool, but still have some good tips on:

6, first understand the principle, and then use


website statistics tool is "when customers visit the implementation of the statistical code JS file, to notify the remote server, the visitor information added to the database, and ultimately the formation of a report. This shortcoming is not directly access, not to traffic statistics. This is not to cause statistical tools statistics spider access.

7, need to have different tools to do the same thing

shared a ten point that you better use web analytics tools (on) today, followed by the last share:

The principle of

8, good combination of tools

I see a lot of

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