From the details do let your website traffic rising

From the details do let your website traffic rising

station before the IDC operators, once the choice will have been using it. Now on the market IDC operators advertising is very attractive, the webmaster to withstand the temptation, don’t see which server is cheap, which server is high performance / price ratio change server. In fact, the market price of the server is almost the same configuration of the server, the difference is not more than five percent.

server is the most basic details. If the site every two or three days for the server, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot back, included reducing, ranking drop, while the K station. Or a small Fandango operators will terminate service, causing data loss. That will have an extremely adverse impact on the site, so we in the site before the choice of a stable IDC operator is imperative.

means the cash flow, the website needs to flow to survive. So the webmaster have tried to improve the site visits, the author believes that smart webmaster have good method to improve site traffic. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, in fact the webmaster details will make the website traffic rising. Today the author and the webmaster of the details about the website operation should pay attention to.

the content of the website is also a detail. I strongly recommend that you should adhere to the original station, although for a new station to rely on the original content to fill the website is not easy, especially personal adsense. Although adhere to the original is very difficult, but with the passage of time, the site faded in full, the effect is visible. Adhere to the original, the website will gradually increase the weight. The cool 90 community always adhere to the original, some key words ranking a chain no construction site in the early situation is very high. This is the original maximum force.


also choose server webmaster to pay attention to some problems. The first to see what kind of site, if the competition is more web site have to choose high server, if the site is common you can choose common server. Second see the website user groups is which, if telecom users mostly then choose the telecommunications room, if Netcom users much choice of CNC machine room, economic strength good webmaster can choose to double or CDN acceleration service. In all of these problems many webmaster all understand, but should pay more attention to the site in order to enhance the overall quality.

At the beginning of the

Should be careful to choose a stable

website should reject the acquisition or reproduced content from other sites. For a new character, love Shanghai would have been assessment of your website. Only to improve its own original early to the weight, and the original must have the law, the most taboo is not law. Not the first day update more than 10 article original, second update one or two articles, third fourth days a are not updated, so that the love of spiders in Shanghai.


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