Xu Jin several common search engine backlinks query

Xu Jin several common search engine backlinks query

There are several methods of

nobility baby are given, and the site really have reverse link number far, link its nobility baby also declared its given number is not accurate, at the same time, show the link is random, and in no particular order, change range is large, the frequency of updates very slow. But in any case, link given value for noble baby in the eyes of the noble baby website more or less of certain reference. The specific method is: link:www.xxxx贵族宝贝

with Yahoo! Chinese to check your site chain link, although Yahoo! Given is not very accurate, but relative to other search engines better, especially in terms of link number. In addition, Yahoo! Displayed on the reverse link in the query results is in accordance with the order of the importance of the link. In the Yahoo method! Query link: link:www.xxxx贵族宝贝

as everyone knows, backlinks website, determines the website link popularity, of course, the quality of reverse link can not be ignored. In a previous article claiming to be half an hour to do the one thousand chain of the "expert" in the article, he learned the so-called secret method is to ask questions and answer the questions at the end of the world, it can not be widely used, widely used for self-knowledge, here to those who want to rapidly improve the chain number of novice advice.

search engine query reverse link, and compare:

2, noble baby


Shanghai dragon query The number of reverse link


Chinese!Many webmaster is

Er are commonly used query chain outside Shanghai dragon tools and search engines, of course, use very convenient and efficient, but more people to take advantage of the use of search engines, because it can be a comprehensive analysis of search engine data, the only way to truly grasp the overall situation of the website. Shanghai dragon in all kinds of tools, is a simulated search engine one side, a certain way, just for a certain purpose and existence. That is not to oppose or do not support you use Shanghai dragon tools, ha ha, I sometimes use.

Baidu does not support the "link:" command "link:www.520sem贵族宝贝" will be as a whole search in love Shanghai, love Shanghai many chain chain query tools are Domain commands that display site related domain results, and of course the number is The more, the better.

3, Yahoo


1, Baidu

and several other commonly used search.

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