What is the Shanghai dragon road of sustainable development

What is the Shanghai dragon road of sustainable development


things necessarily Shenglaobingsi, network marketing is no exception, so, Shanghai dragon is dead? More and more people feel difficult to do in fact not Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng difficult to do, but we are very hard to Shanghai dragon, the main reason is not from the source to identify marketing point, Shanghai dragon first the intention has been distorted, marketers in the use of Shanghai Longfeng process imperceptibly entered a misunderstanding, affected by most marketers wrong thinking, they were gradually assimilated, and truly understand the meaning of the Shanghai dragon is only a part of the marketing, for this part of marketers will undoubtedly bring them the value of survival. Want to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, must study the route of sustainable development, for the future is unpredictable, so that it can cater to the change of the future market. So, what is the Shanghai dragon road of sustainable development? How should we grasp it? I have to talk about my personal views, hope to interact with you and discuss, grow together, progress together.

2, outside the chain of high quality continuous drainage

are well known for search engines, not only is the past, now. The future will not change, because the user is ultimately interested in content. For users, high quality content must be able to solve the user’s mind of doubt. But for us, not only hope to be able to let the user to solve the problem, it is need to remember from the marketing point of content, can be implanted into the success of advertising, and do not resent this is very important. Of course, there are millions of web pages in the Internet, the content will inevitably have high similarity. So, want to use the content of sustainable development must be driven, so I have no people, I have fine. And the need for innovation in the content, is also very important to subvert the traditional thinking, the user can bring different feeling, the only way to attract more user attention, attention slowly increased, gradually enhance the natural high quality content value, be nothing difficult lasting strategy.

The importance of the contents of the


1, high quality content to promote sustained development of


chain to die? Many marketers are said to talk with eloquence chain does not have the value of existence. The author thinks that the value of the chain still exist, and very large role. With the search engine algorithm for adjustment, the quality of the chain have become increasingly demanding, this fully shows that the chain must be of high quality can reflect its value. Outside the chain of high quality standards there is no doubt that more and more attention to the user reproduced and sharing, and "common reference" has gradually been paying attention. The high quality of the chain not only can improve the website keywords ranking, it is important to introduce the user from the chain platform to browse their website. And a really good high quality chain, the data is not difficult to find the source of web traffic this part is not in the minority. The high quality of the chain is not the so-called general "chain", first of all our starting point "

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