How to use love Shanghai news source to optimize their website

How to use love Shanghai news source to optimize their website


website, should create some stories, of course, these subjects best not to engage in negative, not to engage in some even put It is sheer fiction., website marketing is not necessarily out, make your site more profits, after all, site or product is not a movie star, by the negative news, as long as the famous the degree of up, will you find business endorsements, looking for you to shoot, because is well-known, whether it is "down" or "history"! For web site or enterprise network, the negative news is resolutely resist

since it is to spend money to release the news theme, so in the news article, to as much as possible to anchor text links, such as the anchor text of the core keywords, there are some very important long tail keywords anchor text, so as to optimize the full range of your site, but also so that their site’s long tail keywords obtained a better ranking

! ! Whether for business or personal website !

is an important content of news material is often their own site, for example, every movement of the company, the activities of the organization, these materials are able to enrich their own content, but the content can be released, "

three: the news before the release, must be on its website at

!So for the

website or the enterprise, how to tap the value of news? Compared to the company, this is not able to be difficult, but for the website, will often make many webmaster headache, but in fact as long as you think, or find some way, such as the use of industry news material to guide to their own website or, is the use of the current hot news to guide website marketing, etc., in short, any site or enterprise will have the potential value of news can be mined, see you have to do to expand thinking

: strive to effect the formation of reprint news

since the use of news material, then in order to keep the news material out of the news marketing, which must have their own website links or anchor text link, the link function is to get more the chain, but now many webmaster in the press, not a large range of release this is one of the most important reasons is the release of more extensive, often requires more investment costs, so many people can only put the news to a theme released to two news sites, but this is difficult to spread the news material better, more you will become difficult to achieve, so in order to make use of news material optimization, more willing to release of the platform is the key of

after the good website or corporate website news material, and how to use these materials to optimize their website? The author sums up three methods to share with the webmaster friends

two: in the news anchor text on the form of changing

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