Love Shanghai 360 search will put you in the spring

Love Shanghai 360 search will put you in the spring

The recent hot

at the end of 2011, 360 security browser installed capacity exceeded 200 million. You can imagine if there are SOSO QQ in support of this backing him, but the 360 tour into 360 search volume is not more than 200 million QQ, the browser installed capacity, and now the 360 safe navigation has abandoned Google for a comprehensive search of their own, I think beyond the soso search market accounted for second of the location point the day and await for it it is only a matter of time.

360 make search webmaster should be very happy because of the competition, Shanghai live by love make people nervous, the competition will also have the choice, webmaster opinions and ideas when considering love Shanghai, do all kinds of decisions, to fight the spring day has overweeningly ambitious rivals, not far from the station to hold on

old ! !

two, 360 comprehensive search on-line a week beyond soso occupies the position of 2


, a caterwaul search engine

in August 16, 2012, followed by the pace of a 2 meters Lei caterwaul search engines, it is called the 360 comprehensive search. Although 360 has repeatedly denied to enter the search engine, and claimed that only the vertical search interest, but when the 360 search page when presented in front of people, to make people feel full of business how much smoke, although the 360 made the search very early smoke bomb thrown out, but did not expect to be and Mr. Lei M 2 released the same day, love Shanghai a more spring search engine to

short, is now the Internet entrance battle, is no longer a simple product competition, but from the habits of people to compete, Sogou search has long been expected to do 360, Sogou search traffic basically comes from your browser and Sogou navigation, 360 basically does not have a big fight. 360 of the nobility Chinese baby is a fatal blow, but also love Shanghai’s market share also fell sharply. The 360 is to bring the spring, there is competition, have the opportunity to take advantage of the webmaster. From >

three, millions of owners settled 360 search engines, spring is not far


more, but some people have a lot of hot Lenovo, Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi a pair of quarrelsome lovers almost at the same time released their new products and killer for millet 2 release condemning and applause was essentially flat, but in 360 a comprehensive search of applause than condemning, after all the domestic search engine from Google after leaving no one can love Shanghai against a single large, let love Shanghai ignore small site 6.22 and 6.28k station time raging like a storm aftermath has not disappeared, although the love of Shanghai is known as the necessary measures taken to the user experience, but the search results can not find the information they want. Love Shanghai, 360 search will take your love for spring snatched! Shanghai is a big challenge for the webmaster is also a

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