Love Shanghai share is likely to be a wolf in sheep’s skin wolf

Love Shanghai share is likely to be a wolf in sheep’s skin wolf

as part of the movie station through brush love Shanghai sharing quick get ranked, if you are a love long term observation of users, you can observe the long-term movie website, look at their rankings can persist for two weeks, in general, by sharing the sea love brush rankings are not long, probably a fatal blow in the happy after a period of time.

, of course, may have friends will think this is the case, in fact this is not the case, I have seen a lot of brush love Shanghai sharing web site, traffic is greatly reduced, which can be roughly through the Alexa toolbar judged; even the Shanghai dragon Zac website, in his introduction of Shanghai love to share, there is a the people love Shanghai brush share, direct brush to thousands of times, then search his site to Shanghai dragon to page second, now has been restored to the first page seventh, do not know whether this phenomenon could explain some of the problems.

share love Shanghai so popular, mainly due to Shanghai in Shanghai to share the love of love on the use of ready to accept either course saying, "love Shanghai share" can quickly be found to help spider love Shanghai, the content of the website is love Shanghai crawl faster. The use of "love Shanghai share by users to share, can make the number of the page is displayed in the sharing of love Shanghai in the search results page, help users judge web quality."

we all know, now the search engine will take social factors into ranking factors in Shanghai, love is love to share Shanghai understanding of social factors, although it looks very beautiful, but if your web application is improper, or abnormal number.

here to talk about my personal experience, I was installed in February 17th on the Shanghai love Share button, the hope of sharing quickly upgrade the search results in the impression of users through the brush brush so love Shanghai, about 200 times, from the beginning of February 18th, my site began to gradually decline from the sea to the flow of love, every drop of 7% so, until now only the brush share less than 1/3, it is come home shorn, hope to get more users to share the love Shanghai, but be severely punished.

for love Shanghai to share what time began to pop up, I was not very clear, but now most of the movie website, visual fiction website blog sites in the sharing of love in Shanghai, many other types of site also began to love Shanghai share trends love Shanghai to share a short time hair get out of hand. It may be more than the old social sharing tools such as jiathis.

attention to love Shanghai webmaster, if the site can be the love of spiders in Shanghai earlier that nature is love, dream and love; Shanghai share is the realization of this dream seems to drop from the clouds, pie, or a gentle little sheep, can let you choose to use, so many owners began to walk on brush love Shanghai to share this road.

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