How to take the initiative in search engine optimization

How to take the initiative in search engine optimization

of the two kinds of errors:

1, the user really useful high quality original content


How does the There is no

2, the so-called "original content" opportunistic manufacturing

included in the site, get higher weight, some new Adsense will think the content of the site must be enough. Yes, the number of rich content is to increase the source of your website, but the use of the existing collection network on high repetition of content in fact will only be judged as spam, did not give the weight plus website, but in the search engine in the evaluation of a website, be judged as garbage sites even suspected cheating, then the site to "stand up" to get high weight and good in the search engine included is more difficult to do. So, for new sites, increase the content should pay more attention to quality, not excessively quickly, delayed the healthy development of long-term website.

site has its theme positioning and target user groups, the use of TITLE and DEscriptION in the preparation of keywords, the search engine can quickly learn the positioning of the site to site are classified, in the user search related information can be more.

understand the content is king "

as Shanghai dragon ER, or as a webmaster, believe that we are already familiar with the famous "content is king" Shanghai Longfeng classic sayings. This proverbbrings as the optimization, an important role, has irreplaceable content after all, the search engine is to service for customers, to provide all kinds of information they need for Internet users, and the source of this information is the Internet website of thousands on thousands of these sites, it is by virtue of the content of each one has its own merits in the search search engine results obtained in different rankings and included etc.. Therefore, "content is king" is the essence of the search engine is! However, not all the content can get the favour of search engine optimization, want to rely on content in fast host, need to have an adequate understanding of what can occupy in Shanghai love optimization.


1, the content is more better thinking

in order to provide network content to the search engine, to the original line is to improve the website weight and included some stationmaster is the only proper course to take, but to create a so-called shortcut: using some software through the characters between the random permutation and combination, this kind of manufacturing pure "original" no duplicate content as the original content, released on the site to search engine. In fact, this kind of content for Internet users have no nutrition at all, which is difficult to obtain the user, and it is difficult to search engine there exist for a long time, once found will be subject to severe punishment, the website included sharp until K is the inevitable result, so this kind of opportunistic approach must not take.

content of the search engine is "love

In order to increase the

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